The public of India is facing a lot of problems with the sudden emergence of cashless society, especially the people who are new to it. As they are new in the digital transaction and they don’t have the full knowledge of the digital transactions. So Govt. Of India has started the UPI system for easy handling of accounts and its the Government of India involved in it makes it trustworthy also.

#What is UPI?

 UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface. UPI system was started on 11 April 2016 but never used a lot but after the demonetization in country the need of UPI came. UPI is a banking system for making transactions between two bank accounts through smartphones in both offline and online modes.


   Vijaya Bank started its UPI app by the name VIJAYA UPI. VIJAYA UPI started the transfer of funds through virtual payment address(VPA). VPA is like a email id(example: [email protected]) that you need to set and link it to your account and when don’t remember your account details you can recall it with the help of VPA. Now for receiving and sending fund you need your IFSC code and VPA instead of account no. Another good aspect of VPA is that it doesn’t share your bank details with others during transactions.
                  Through VIJAYA UPI can you operate your all banks, that is a single app for all accounts. You can transfer and receive money from non Vijaya bank accounts. Vijaya UPI app is available for all as everyone can download it.

#How to download VIJAYA UPI?

Android users can download it from google play store and apple mobile phone users can download it from apple app store. The motive of UPI is to go cashless and become digital.

VIJAYA UPI complaint box:-

if you face any issues in using VIJAYA UPI you can call to the Vijaya Bank’s toll free number and register your complaint there.

Toll free number:1800 425 5885 ,1800 425 9992, 1800 425 4066

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