For the last more than 50 days, the public of India are facing problems because of demonetization. The ATM’s are not having the cash and the situation is like that you have money but you don’t have the money. In this type of situation the need of cashless society came in existence and for this the Government of India started the UPI application.

#What is UPI?

 UPI stands for unified payment interface and was launched by national payment Corporation of India(NPCI). Through UPI people can easily transfer and recieve payments and its secure and safe too.


    UCO Bank started its own UPI app for easy transfer of funds to UCO accounts and to Non- UCO accounts. All the users can easily access this app regardless of there account and bank. UPI app helps you to make the cashless transactions like bill payments, Recharges, online shopping etc. UPI uses the virtual address system for transfer funds. Virtual address doesn’t require your bank details for transactions and this type of transfers are safe, short and easy.
                 UCO UPI is available for all and everyone can easily access their own accounts in their smartphones. With this step UCO Bank made the society e-commercial which is today’s need. Today, everyone is dealing in cashless society because firstly its free and easy too. The shopkeepers, movie theatres all are dealing in cashless society.

UCO BANK Toll free number:-1800 274 0123

#How to download UCO UPI:-

Andriod users can download UCO UPI app from google play store and Apple/iOS users can download UCO UPI app from apple app store. Go cashless.

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