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[FRAUD] Fake Shopclues Lucky Winner Fraud Online Complaint Prize Rs. 12 Lakh or Tata Safari Do not Pay REGISTRATION FEE

Now a days, we are receiving a lot of complaints regarding Shopclues Lucky Winner Fraud. The fraudster will call you from a random number and pose as a shopclues company official. They generally lure the customers by saying “You have won 1st Prize in Lucky Winner Contest Shopclues Tata Safari or Rs. 12,60,000/-, Registration Charge is 7500/-“.  You may also receive any text message stating that you have won the contest in which you never actually participated. Register Shopclues Lucky Winner Fraud Complaint using Helpline number or e-mail id.

Beware Never deposit any money to any account, no matter how luring the offer seems. Generally, people fall into the trap because they want shortcut success without any hard work and effort. Fraudsters look for such people as they are the soft targets and give them fake lucky Winner offers and ask for Registration Fee at first Place. When you deposit Registration Fee into their account, they never respond to your call and your hard earned money is gone.

Shopclues Lucky Winner Fraud Complaint

Report Such fraud calls immediately to nearest police station, shopclues officials, and Digital Police, Government of India. The contact details including Helpline Number and complaint email id is available. Also, a fraud website shopcluesprize[dot]in is functional in the name of Shopclues Lucky Winner Prize contest. The said website is entirely fraud, do not respond to any of the fraud calls, e-mails and messages.

Please read the Shopclues Lucky Winner Fraud Online Complaint Registration process and contact details.

Shopclues Official Fraud Helpline Number/ email id 0124-4414-888/ [email protected]
National Consumer Helpline NCH INGRAM Complaint Details
Cyber Crime Report, Digital Police Complaint Register NOW

Please note that the website shopcluesprize[dot]in & 6299249427 Number is FRAUD. Also, when one of our investigating team call on the number firstly the Thug told to deposit money to avail the prize. When the team member threw some more questions, the fraudster started shouting & end up disconnecting the call.

How Fraud Happens 

So, the biggest question here is how these thugs are getting details of the customers and how they cheat you. Probability is high that either they gather data from somewhere or may be there is a leak in the system. Once they get the data of the users, Thugs start calling the users or sending SMS stating that you have won prize. The Fraudsters usually tell that you are the Lucky Winner and won 1st Prize. Once they feel that the user is interested and falling into the Trap they ask for Registration Fee & TDS of the Fake Prize Money.

Some over ambitious and innocent users end up sending their hard earned money to the fraudsters. Later on when user realize that he/she is a victim of fraud, by the time fraudsters luring some more users. Kindly do not fall into the trap and never deposit any money to anyone. Also, always interact with official customer care of the company and never share any critical bank details.

Bank Fraud Mobile Number List

On the basis of numerous complaints by users, we are preparing the Bank Fraud Mobile Number List. So, how it is beneficial for you? Whenever you receive any call which looks suspicious, You can check its entry in the list. Moreover, You must check it in Truecaller and you find it is Fraud kindly leave a comment here and also block the number. Here is the Fraud Mobile Number List.

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