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Register Online Police Complaint Ministry of Home Affairs Police Report Cyber Crime All States Money Fraud etc. DIGITALPOLICE

The citizens of India can Register Online Police Complaint using the MHA digital police initiative for Rape, Pornography, Money Fraud, Cyber Crime etc. Most of the times, people complain of Police not registering their complaint, asking for unrealistic evidences etc. In the light of such issues of common people, The Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India is coming up with digital police online complaint all states. Home Ministry of India launching Crime & Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) will ensure justice to all who cannot even report the crime.

You can register police complaint online using digital police either by your name or anonymously (No one will know who register the complaint). Primarily, crimes like Rape, Gang Rape, Child Pornography, Money Fraud etc. can gets quick response from portal. Among all the crime information, other details like District, Police Station will be taken using complaint form. Please use Helpline Number and Complaint email id in case of any problem.

Online Police Complaint Registration

Although, Police works in best possible way to rectify the citizens problem. Still some policemen makes a bad impression on public by not taking their complaints. Due to such incidents, the crime increases in society as the culprit walks freely and people’s trust decreases.

However, with digital police initiative of Government of India citizens can register Online Police Complaint. The further process will involve the detail probe into the matter and registering FIR (if found true). Please note that, in case of false complaint registration due to wrong intention may end up you in lock up. So utilize the services genuinely. You can register online police complaint with and without registration.

  1. Register Police Online Complaint (Without Name)
  2. Report And Track Police Online Complaint (With Log in)

Here is the state wise list of Cyber Crime Nodal Officer.

State/UT Nodal Cybercrime Portal
Name Rank Helpline Support E-mail
Andhra Pradesh Ms. D Mary Prasanthi SP 0863-2340063 [email protected]
Arunachal Pradesh Sh. Jimmy Chiram SP 0360-2212471 [email protected][email protected]
Assam Sh, Debajit Hazarika DIGP 0361-2529840 [email protected]
Bihar Sh, D.Amarcase ASP 0612-2216236 [email protected]
Chhattisqarh Ms. Manisha Thakur F AIGP 0771-2511606 [email protected]@gov.in
Goa Sh. Karthik Kashyap SP 0832-2443082 [email protected][email protected]
Gujarat Sh, Rajesh GadhiyaS SPDS 079-23255545 [email protected]
Haryana Sh. Ashwin Shenvi SP 01733-253023 [email protected]
Himachal Pradesh Sh, Narveer Rathore DSP 0177-2621331 [email protected]
Jammu & Kashmir Sh, Syed Ahfadul-ul- IGP 0191-2572475 [email protected][email protected]
Jharkhand Sh. Sunil BhaskarSh, SPDS 0651-22100560651-22 [email protected]
Karnataka Sh. Chandra GuptaSk SPDS 080-22094436 [email protected][email protected]
Kerala Sh, Sreejith IGP 0471-2319787 [email protected][email protected]
Madhya Pradesh Sh, Niranjan B Vayanij DIGPA 0755-2443483 [email protected]
Maharashtra Sh, Balsinq Rajput SP 022-22160060 [email protected]
Manipur Ms. Joyce Lalremmaw SP 0385-2451501 [email protected]
Meghalaya Sh. R. Muthu SP 0364-2504416 [email protected][email protected]
Mizoram Sh. Zosangliana SP 0389-2334082 [email protected]
Naqaland Ms. Sonia Sinqh IGP 0370-2242712 [email protected]
Odisha Sh Anil Kumar Dash ASP 0671-2974401 [email protected]
Punjab Sh. Dhruman Harshar AIG 0172-2226258 [email protected]
Rajasthan Sh, Pankaj Chaudhar SP 0141-2740169 [email protected]
Sikkim Sh. Prathap Pradhan DO3 03592-20208703592- [email protected]e.nic.in
Tamil Nadu Ms. B Shamoondesw< SP 044-26512527 [email protected]
Telanqana Sh. Govind SinqhSh, ADGP 040-23242424 [email protected]
Tripura Ms.SarswatiRIPS IPS 0361-2304344 [email protected]
Uttarakhand Sh. Barinderjit Singh SSP 0135-2651669 [email protected]
Uttar Pradesh Sh. Vivek Ranjan DSP 0522-2721690 [email protected]
West Benqal Sh. Rajesh Kumar Ya<j DIGP 033-24792955 [email protected]
Andaman and Nicol Sh. Sanjay Kumar IGP (A 03192-232334 [email protected]
Chandiqarh Ms. Rashmi SharmaY DSP 0172-2710046 [email protected]
Delhi Sh. Anyesh Roy DCP 011-23746615 [email protected]
Daman and Diu Sh. Vipul Anekant ASP 0260-2254101 [email protected]
Dadra & Naqar Haveli Sh. Manasvi Jain Dy.SP 0260-2632636 [email protected]
Puducherry Sh, Mahesh kumar Ba SSP 0413-2224033 [email protected]
Lakshadweep Sh. Mayank Bansal DSP 04396-262367

State Wise Grievance Officer List

Even after Online Police Complaint Registration, some may not get any satisfactory response from the police department. In such case you must report it to the grievance officer of the state. The list of state wise online police complaint grievance officer is available to read.

State/UT Grievance Officer Details
Name Rank Helpline Number
Andhra Pradesh Sh, J Prabhakar Ra DIGP 0863-2340152
Arunachal Pradesh Sh. Take Rinqu DIGP 0360-2215513
Assam Sh, Surendra kuma IGP 0361-2524494
Bihar Sh Shiv Kumar Jha DIG 0612-2233093
Chhattisqarh Sh.RKVij SPL DGF 0771-2511623
Goa Sh. Paramaditya DIGP 0332-2420333
Gujarat Sh. Ajay Tomar ADGP 079-23250793
Haryana Sh, Kuldip Sinqh Si ADGP 01733-253230
Himachal Pradesh Sh, Sandeep Dhaw SP 0177-2627955
Jammu & Kashmir Sh. B Srinivas ADGP 0191-2532996
Jharkhand Sh. Ranjit Prasad IGP 0651-2490046
Karnataka Sh. TDPawar DIGP 030-22251317
Kerala Sh. Dr. Shaik Darve ADGP 0471-2722215
Madhya Pradesh Smt. Aruna Mohan SPL DGF 0755-2770243
Maharashtra Sh, Brijesh Sinqh SPL IGP/ 022-22026672
Manipur Sh. Themthinq f’Jqa DIGP 0335-2450573
Meghalaya Sh. F G Kharshiing DIGP 0364-2550141
Mizoram Sh. Balaji Srivastav DGP 0339-2334632
Naqaland Sh. Renchamo P. K ADGP 0370-2223397
Odisha Sh. Madkar Sandet SP 0671-2306071
Punjab Sh. Hardial Singh fv DIGP 0172-2226253
Rajasthan Sh. Sharat Kaviraj DIGP 0141-2740393
Sikkim bh. bonam Detchu DvSP 03592-204297
Tamil Nadu Sh. C Sridhar IGP 022-23512503
Telanqana Smt. SwathiLakra IGP 040-23147604
Tripura Sh. Subrata Chakra AIGP 0331-2304344
Uttarakhand Sh. Deepam Seth IGP 0135-2712563
Uttar Pradesh Dr. Kalluri SP Kuma ADGP 0522-2203538
West Benqal Sh, Ashok Kumar P IGP 033-24791330
Andaman and Nicol Smti. Shalini Singh, IGP 03192-232244
Chandiqarh Ms. Nilambari Jaqac SSP 0172-2760001
Delhi Sh, Prem Nath ACP 011-23490236
Daman and Diu Sh. Vikramjit Sinqh SP 0260-2250942
Dadra & Naqar Haveli Sh. Sharad B. Dara SP 0260-2643022
Puducherry Sh, Dr. VJ Chandra DIGP 0413-2231336
Lakshadweep Sh. Shibesh Sinqh SSP 04396-262253

Contact Details Cyber Crime Online Complaint

After the initiative of Govt. of India public service portals like digitalpolice.gov.in and cybercrime.gov.in came into existence. These may help people to register their complaints online to police without facing any problem. Here is the contact details of Digital Police of India.

Ministry of Home Affairs, North Block
Central Secretariat
New Delhi-110001

Technical Support Center
Telephone: (011) 22560103
Email: support-icjs[at]nic[dot]in

Working Hours : 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM

National Crime Records Bureau
National Highway-8,
Near SSB, Mahipalpur – 110037
Email: dct[at]ncrb[dot]nic[dot]in

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Prabhakar kumar Singh
Prabhakar kumar Singh

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Please immediately contact your bank and lodge complaint and also ask them probe into the matter.

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[…] Register Online Police Complaint Ministry of Home Affairs Police Report Cyber Crime All States Money… […]

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