RBI Helpline Number RBI Fraud Online Complaint Customer Care Toll-Free

RBI Helpline Number Online Fraud Complaint

RBI Helpline Number for Online Fraud Complaint has been launched by Reserve Bank Of India. Now a days it has become very much common that people use to call us and says that we are calling from your bank and kindly share your bank account details such as Card number,CVV, ATM PIN, Account number, OTP and many more, Please note that neither bank nor RBI never ever ask for these type of confidential information which can lead to a financial transaction from your bank account. In such incidents, cheaters offers lure and demands a fee for the lottery or issue of reward money.

RBI Fraud Helpline Number
RBI Fraud Helpline Number

RBI Helpline Number is launched to let the banking users know about RBI Sachet Portal on which by following the complete process, The victim can lodge the complaint to RBI against Fraud Calls and any other illegal activity and Non Banking Financial Companies. Also, Complaints against Mutual Funds, Stock Brokers, Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) can be lodged with SEBI-SCORES and any complaint against Housing Finance Companies can be made to NHB-GRIDS. The Complaints and grievances against Insurance Companies and Pension Schemes can be registered with IRDA and PFRDA respectively. The Official News regarding the RBI

RBI Online Fraud Customer Care

RBI Missed Call Helpline Number is to create awareness against Online Fraud, Fake calls, messages/ emails. The Fraudster will pose that you have won a huge amount thereby asking the confidential banking details such as OTP received on registered mobile number, ATM PIN, Internet Banking Password, Credit/ Debit Card Number etc. If you will not aware then, your hard earned money is in danger. RBI Online Complaint sachet Portal have Regulatory Authorities dealing with Different Sectors. List of Regulatory Authorities and their complaint domain is available.

RBI Banking Lokpal (State Wise) Online Complaint
National Housing Bank- NHB-GRIDS (Housing Finance Company regulatory Authority) NHB Online Complaint
Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority- IRDA (Fraud Complaints of Insurance Sector) IRDA Online Complaint
Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority- PFRDA (Pension Complaints) PFRDA Online Complaint
Securities and Exchange Board of India- SEBI SCORES (Chit Fund/ CIS Complaint) SEBI Online Complaint

For any other Complaint like Registrar of Chit Funds, Finance Department etc., lodge the RBI Online Complaint against fraud.

RBI Online Fraud Complaint Direct Link

Along with this, we all are aware with the fact that we also receive messages and e-mails from the name of rbi that you won 2 crore or 3 crore rupees, Kindly share your details with us and you will soon receive the money in 24 Hours. The Reserve Bank or its governor or government does not make such e-mails, messages or calls at any time. In these e-mails that you receive in the name of Reserve Bank of India or its governor also contains the signature of RBI governor in it. The Official News Regarding the Online RBI Helpline Complaint Number is as follows:

RBI Fraud Helpline Number Customer Care Toll Free
RBI Fraud Helpline Number Customer Care Toll Free

RBI Missed Call Helpline

The Reserve bank  of India has started the Helpline Number +91-8691960000 for extended information and help. After a missed call at this number  the customers will receive the call or message from RBI in which the details are given in relation to such activities and also awareness regarding the RBI Sachet Portal will be created. These Fraud and fake calls are also given to the cyber cell and local police station that from where these calls and messages and e-mails are been generated. By this RBI helpline number, RBI helpline number and messages will save the customers from fraud.

A part from this, you can also call on the RBI customer care number 022-22660500 for Help. The customer can call on this customer care number and the timings are Monday to Friday- 10-00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. & Saturday- 10-00 a.m. to 1-30 p.m.

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  1. प्रभारी अधिकारी H D F C आगरा
    H D F C
    The Capital Court, Munirika
    Quter Ring Road 01of Palme
    Marg New Delhi 110067
    बिषय :- मेरा लोन खाता संख्या 58×92 व 5×0140 के सम्बन्ध में
    मेरे बार बार आग्रह करने पर दिल्ली शाखा के मयंक जी मुझे एक स्टेटमेंट मेरी मेल आई डी द्वारा उपलब्ध कराया था जिसमें अगस्त 2017 को क्रमशः ओवरडीयू 9181+103557 दर्शाया गया है(मेरे खाते का कितना शेष है नहीं दर्शया गया है) दोनों खातों में करीब 112738 दर्शाया हैं जिसके एवज में मेरे द्वारा निम्न तारीखों में पैसा जमा कराया गया है |
    दिनांक पैसा
    01/09/2017 10000.00
    03/10/2017 10000.00
    09/11/2017 60000.00
    21/12/2017 10000.00
    01/01/2018 10000.00
    01/02/2018 10000.00
    06/06/2018 50000.00
    कुल योग 160000.00
    मेरी पासबुक कम्प्लीट नहीं इसलिए आगे की जानकारी उपलब्ध नहीं है कुछ पैसा और भी जमा हुआ होगा| अगर मेरे द्वारा 30/06/2017 को अपना खाता बंद किया जाये तो मुझे कितना पैसा जमा करना पड़ेगा मुझे आपकी संस्था से किसी प्रकार का सम्बन्ध नहीं रखना है मेरे खाते में उलटी सीधी ब्याज लगा रखी है मुझे बताया जाये कि मुझे कितना पैसा जमा करना है फिर भी मुझे वकील द्वारा नोटिस भेजा गया है कि आपका 12/06/2018 को घर नीलाम करने जा रहे हैं एसी नौबत नहीं आने देंगे आज तक का ब्याज लगा कर अपना पैसा लेलो और बताया जाये कि मुझे कितना कुल पैसा देना है में कुछ बेच कर आपका पैसा जमा कर दूंगा आज पूछने पर आगरा की शाखा द्वारा बताया गया है कि करीब 190000 रुपया और जमा करना है | इससे तो अच्छा कि अपना सारा पैसा ले लिया जाये इस की जानकारी मेरी E-मेल [email protected] पर दी जाये |
    श्री मयंक जी ने मुझे कहा था अब आपके खाते में चेक स्वीकार नहीं किये जायेगे इसलिए मेरे द्वारा एक 50000का D D संख्या 042201 दिनांक 06/06/2018 को जमा करने भेजा था जिसको इनके द्वारा स्वीकार नहीं किया गया है मेरे खाते में 15/06/2018 का शेष खाता 581×140 में 6×33 और खाता संख्या 581×92 में 5×26 बताया गया है जिसको में 15/07/2018 को पूरा जमा करा दूंगा और 12/06/2018 को जितना ओवरड्यू हैकरीब 1×00 सारा का सारा जमा करा दूंगा कृपया मुझे क्योपरेट करने कृपा करें मैने सुना है मेरे मकान को सत्येन्द्र शर्मा ने अपने किसी करीबी को देने की योजना बनाई है जो
    भगवान सिंह
    56 कृष्णा बाग कॉलोनी
    अवधपुरी शाहगंज आगरा
    E-Mail I D [email protected]
    Mob. 9×0394

  2. I have received a call (9661002338) from some person claiming to be executive of SBI Bandra Kurla Complex and was asking about my bank details. WHen I said i have no account in SBI he gave a list of banks and asked me in which bank I have my account he needs some information for verification. I told I will myself go to the bank personally. He said that the it is delayed hence your account will be blocked and you will get a message deducting some amount from my bank account.


    Respected Sir/Madam

    I have maintaining a Saving Bank Account Number 365xxxx369 with Central Bank of India, Tinsukia Main Branch, Assam in the name of Rintumoni Konwar.

    That on 06.08.2018 when I visited to the branch to withdraw money I got informed by the bank official that an amount of Rs. 10,20,000.00 ( Rupees Ten Lacs Twenty Thousand) only has been withdrawn from my account between 10.06.2018 to 23.07.2018, to which I have compare with my bank statement and found to be true.

    That it is a matter of great surprise that I have not neither withdrawn the amount myself nor I have given any authority or instruction to any person to withdraw from my account.

    That sir, it seems to be a fraudulent withdrawal from my aforesaid account by some miscreants.

    That sir, I have already inform the matter to the Tinsukia Police Station by filed a Case No. TSK/PS/981/18 under section 406,420 IPC on 06.08.2018

    Therefore, I hereby request with you to kindly look into matter and oblige me thereby.

    Your truly

    Smt. Rintumoni Konwar
    W/o. Sri Jyoti Prasad Konwar
    R/o. J.P. Agarwalla Road, Bordoloi Nagar
    P.S. and Dist. Tinsukia
    Contact No. 943xxx680

    • Dear Ma’am,
      Since u have already lodged the complaint with the police station, Additionally we would like to advice you that if in case you are not getting any satisfactory from Bank, You can approach RBI Banking Lokpal.



    Caller from number 84472 27882 called to redeem my reward points on my credit card as a cash back and adjust it against my outstanding. He wanted me to read out the card details and OTP. As you all know, no one asks for the OTP and CVV. Naturally I cut the call and , called the bank, who confirmed that they do not have any such scheme / call service or payback method. It was a bogus caller trying to do a fraud of 10,300 on my card. I did not go through with this transaction. Please be advised. And do not fall for this scheme of fraud.

  5. Ghanshyam Sharma

    Dear RBI team I am very disappointed sbbje bank branch of bapu Nagar Jaipur Rajasthan,
    I am not happy with this branch

  6. Vatsala Dadasaheb Takudage

    Mi 11march 2019 roji Sbi Saphale Palghar branch madhe ATM card ani 8500rs 500 chya 17nota cashier kade deun eight thousand five hundred credit karnes sangitale ani mala eight thousand Chi receipt dili Mi tatkal vicharle ki mi sadeaath hajar rs dilet ani entry 8000chi keli tevha tumhi bank manager LA vichara are sangun mokala zala .manager ne cctv footage dakhvle 500chya 17nota MI dilya hotya parantu 16nota count kartana distat .Cashier ne kuthe ani kashi hatchalakhi keli samjale nahi MI lekhi takrar manager kade dili ahe .krupaya ya prakarnachi tatkal choukashi vhavi ani mala nyay Milava. Dhanyavad!

  7. there is new frauds who get you do the transaction using upi service of google pay , paytm or phonepay. after transfer of amount i realized its fraud. what to do in this case?

  8. Mandate sir..
    Mujhe 6 din pahle 9205776015 is no. Se call aaya tha
    PMEGP K through aap ko Loan miles, aisa bola gaya
    Usne Apna nam veer singh bataya, company ki ID big send kiya
    Ca k charges bharna padinge bol K 3000rs.bhejne K liye ek acount no. SMS kiya ,kvic form mail kiya
    Fir bola 7 din me paisa acount me aayega
    Jisme se aapko hamare company ko 2%pay Karna padenge
    To.. Sir Maine 3000rs bhej diye par uske Bad se Vo number switch off hai
    Sir mujhe malum hai K shayad mujhe mere paise vapas na mile
    Par… Shayad kisi aur ka aisa nuksan na ho
    please…sir koi aise niyam banao K aise log pakde jaye aur kisi ka bhi Nuksan na ho

  9. I have received a call (7283050637) from some person claiming to be executive of SBI Bandra Kurla Complex and was asking about my bank details. WHen I said i have no account in SBI he gave a list of banks and asked me in which bank I have my account he needs some information for verification. I told I will myself go to the bank personally. He said that the it is delayed hence your account will be blocked and you will get a message deducting some amount from my bank account.

  10. Sir mujhe silp book nahi DE raha hai Bank se mujhe bolra hai kya kare ga ME bola check dal neka hai mujhe to bolta hai nahi milega

  11. I have booked flight ticket throught BHIM SBI app and the amount was debited from my account and tickets not confirmed by indigo airlines . so I googled the indio airline site https://www.indigocustomercare.in and called the mentioned number 6289601085 and informed that the amount is debited and ticket is not confirmed

    So after 5 mintes I got a call from 6289444641 and informed that the ticket will be confirm with in 3 hrs u will be getting the message , so after he informed that they need to transfer the refund if any changes in the booking amount or any variation in the price hike with in 3 hrs , they informed that please provide the upi no , so I was not given on first time so he combulled and inform that with in 3 hrs their will be a small deviation in price hike so I will confirm the ticket now. So I given the upi no after that I am received that the amount is debited from my account in two times one is 12000 rs and with in 1 min 570

    Details given
    customer’s account has been debited by Rs.12570.00(Rupees Twelve thousand five hindred and seventy only) through UPI with reference no. UPI/DR/90811xxx890985/yes Journal No. 28492692(Rs 12000) and UPI/DR/90811xxxx8890985/yes Journal No. 30254112(Rs 570) on 22.03.2017.
    They are claiming that transaction has not been initiated by them and requested for refund of the amount.
    Kindly look into the matter and do the needful.

  12. Received call from a number +917029129331 that account has been closed and asking for details.He had my Name and address as well.

  13. A call from a number +912261933600 & +912249152900, person saying that he has called from bank .He had my Name and address as well. Please take immediate action against fraud call as numbers mentioned.

  14. I m receiving a fake call who is asking for my card no and pin no, i m trying to call and lodge a complaint so that other person will not get afftected by him, but poorly its RBI or whatever who have mentiond their helpline numbers…..not even a single time i got connected to any person for complaining.

    I really feel like I am wasting my time even for writing this mail.

    Very Poor System.


  15. Abhinandan Krishna

    I got a fraud call from below number asking for bank details,please try to trace and take action. Atleast avoid others to become victim.

    +91 72959 81692


  16. Hello sir Dinesh bisht.

    sir m ek cyber crime fake call m fash gya hu. mujhe date. 27/04/2019 m in teen number se call aaya+91 84203 41921,+91 97482 38769,+91 74157 20851 ye wo number h jo mujhe filipkart pe gift offer k bare m fasa k mujhse 45000 rupye online le liye h… or ye number sb trucaller pe kolkta se dikha rhe h. wo mujhe bad m filipkart k customer care se pta lga ki ye sb fake call thi jisse mere sare paise online nikal liye h. sir mujhe apse Help ki jrurt h… plzz meri help kijiye.



    • Dear Sir,

      Without any delay contact the nearest police station and tell them the whole episode. After that ask the officers to probe the case and register FIR against the culprits.


  17. Pratibha Bisht

    Mr. Bisht mai bhe same number jo ki flip cart k naam per 27.04.19 ko aapko aaya tha, mujhe bhe ise number se call aya aur mera bhe ek huge amount deduct ho gaya. Now i a
    So feel no where.
    What to do agaist these fraudulents. Google api se in frauds ne account se paise transect ker liye.

    • Dear Ma’am,

      kindly contact nearest police station immediately and never respond to such phone calls and messages in future.



    they do fraud with me they take registration fees from me of 6500 ruppess
    give me the agreeement form but after two days they can say that my advance payment of 300000 which they can pay me is put on hold through rbi so i can pay them 120000 to remove the hold on advance payment and icannot pay the amount of 120000to them then then i request them for the cancellation of the tower installation
    and again they demand 3250 amount from me as cancellation charge.

    so i request you to take action against this fraud company so again no one can come under this fraud company.
    the contact number of the the person which do the fraud is 9007197052 & 7595930967

    • Dear Sir,

      Since A lot of fraud is happening now a days, it seems you have became a victim of the same. Kindly contact your nearest police station immediately.


  19. Anjali jaiswal

    2 transaction of rs.20000-20000 has been done by my account on 1st may by atm wdl but i have my atm and i did not do this transaction …even i have not recieved any msg of debit..what should i do now plzz help me ..

    • Dear Ma’am,

      Firstly Lodge a written complaint to your bank and get the complaint number. Submit the Documentary Proof and ask your bank to check the CCTV Footage of the ATM Machine to verify that its not you who withdrew money. If bank do not respond satisfactorily within 30 days, Kindly contact RBI Banking Lokpal.



    an atm cash transaction fraud has taken place on 01/05/2019 2358 ist and 02/05/2019 0002 ist of rs 20,00/- (total 40,000/-) at Mumbai without my atm card and in my absence by unidentified persons. I hv blocked the card and complained to police. will the amount be recovered, if any other procedure is there pls let me know. also maximum frauds of net banking/ atm/credit card /debit card frequently occur in SBI. so is it safe and secured to have a band a/c in SBI. Is there cyber security system reliable and r they alert / active and do they take adequate precautions for cyber crime preventions. it all seems doubtful. should we trust sbi with our hard earned money?

    • Dear Sir,

      Firstly Lodge a written complaint to your bank and get the complaint number. Submit the Documentary Proof and ask your bank to check the CCTV Footage of the ATM Machine to verify that its not you who withdrew money. If bank do not respond satisfactorily within 30 days, Kindly contact RBI Banking Lokpal.


  21. Jaiprakash verma

    मैने 2018 मै लोन के लिए अप्लाई किया था hdfc बैंक झाँसी से लोन मंजूर हो जाने के बाद मुझे लोन नहीं दिया और फाइल चार्ज के नाम पर 18018रूपये का चेक ले लिए धोखा देकर मेरा पैसा हड़प लिया और मुझे लोन भी नहीं दिया कई बार बैंक को लिखित प्राथना पत्र दे चूका हू किर्पा बैंक के ऊपर कड़ी कायवाही कर मेरा पैसा वापिस करवाहे

    • Dear Sir,

      You have to submit written complaint and get complaint number. Also kindly present all supporting documents to the banking officials. Even if bank do not respond satisfactorily, Kindly contact Banking Lokpal.




  23. I got a call from 9576144724. He said my account and ATM has been closed. If I want to continue he need account details and aadhar no.
    When I refuse to give him he was abusing me.

    • Users Beware of Frauds !! Kindly note the number. Ma’am please inform the nearest police station and your bank regarding the same. We are updating this fraud number in our List.


  24. Amar Dutta
    Sir Bangalore se call kor k humko Mi ka distributor ship dene k liye woh log 1st 25000 registration fees Liya. Phir 2 din bad woh log300000 ka billing korne bola.abhi woh log PHN RCV nahi kor raha he..

    • Dear Sir,

      This seems you have been trapped by fraudsters. Kindly contact police station and register an FIR (if found fake)


  25. Sir coin ki problem solve nhi ho rahi h pls coin ki problem pr dhiyan do coin bank bhi nhi le rahi h

  26. I got a call from this number 7295020430 he said he’s the ATM MANAGER and of I don’t update the ATM card my account will be on hold which will be done by RBI and when I refused to share information he called someone and asked to close my account and aggressively disconnected the call 😂 I was in doubt when a manager had time to call customers just to ask them to update ATM. Please update this number as fraudulent. So that others won’t get affected.

  27. Sir
    I received a call from no 9073807193 based kolkata , they asked only my name nd after this I received a msg of transaction amount 50000 on my phone no . Even when I don’t do that nd didn’t I share any credidantals to them . I have logged complaint to sbi cc helpline rest I d k what to do nxt .
    Plz do help me …

    • Dear Sir,

      First of all report that number to your bank and Police station. Also lodge written complaint to your bank and get a complaint number. if bank does not satisfactorily respond with in 30 days. Contact RBI Banking Lokpal.


  28. Hello sir,

    I received a fraud call from no. +917004311542. He said me your atm card will block soon. I told him a bank name where I have not any account. Then he said yes this bank atm will block. I told him ok block my atm and i have no need. After this he said that in this way your acc balance also will be empty and i have to do your account at zero balance for this process. Then i did angry on that person and said i have no any acc within this bank. Then he suddenly cuts phone call.

    Pls enquire if possible on this no.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Sir,

      Kindly Report This number immediately to Police and your bank. Users Beware of Fraud !!


  29. Hi.sir.
    My account in Dena bank.and there is fraud transition done by other person without ATM card.by SBI ATM . Jhanjharpur. 10 may 2019.at 22.35 .from my account.what I can do please suggest
    Amount 10000.
    Ac 071xxx5111

    • Dear Sir,

      Following actions are advised:

      1) Get your ATM Card Blocked ASAP
      2) Lodge Fraud Complaint to your Bank in written and ask them to probe
      3) Also lodge an FIR with the Police
      4) Wait for 30 Days to get your money back or else contact Banking lokpal against Bank.


  30. Hello sir i m ashish garg from meerut a/c holder of icici a/c 09750xx101

    Today i received call from 084838 01539 at my number and he want to purchase some items from me and he said that i pay u money from google pay , and said to me that pls provide your google pay id

    I give it then i received msg to accept from google pay, i accept and received of 20000rs deduction msg rom my account

    This fraud is happend today from vpa [email protected] transaction id: 913512645772 at 12:36 pm

    I call to his mobile number and he said i don’t refund money

    I also inform to google pay customer care

    Please look in this matter and help me to refund my money as soon as possible thanks


    • Dear Sir,

      Since he is responding to your call, you can approach Police and Bank regarding the same immediately. RBI Banking lokpal deals with the complaints registered with bank at least 30 days before.


  31. On 16th may, from my SBI account almost 60 unauthorized transactions has been done amounting rs799, rs79 and rs 420
    The total amount is rs11000
    In passbook the transactions are named as GOOGLE PROXIMA BETA.
    I immediately complained to SBI on 16th may itself and they lodged a ticket but they aren’t giving me any assurance they money will be refunded although it’s unauthorized transactions and I’m not into guilt at all.
    Please help sir.

    • Dear Ma’am,

      Google Proxima Beta Money Deduction Fraud has been registered quite a time. Proxima Beta is a Company having a connection with PUBG Mobile Game. Apart from lodging complaint with your bank, please also report this to Google on below given link. Also if within 30 working days of your written complaint to the bank, if they do not respond satisfactorily, You can approach Banking lokpal against bank.



  32. Sir I am pnb customer and I got a call from 9507574485 number and he said to me that your account has been closed due to non maintainence Atm charges.please tell us your ATM no. So that we could active your a/c.when I am asking to him that where are u calling then he said I am calling from head office.but I recognise him that he is fraud and I abused him that he is also abusing me.please sort out my problem

    • Dear Ma’am,

      You did the right thing, these are fraudsters posing as bank officials and stealing your money in no time once you share your details. You can contact the nearest police station and submit a complaint. Also we have updated the number to our Bank Fraud Mobile Number List.


  33. Abhishek Tiwari

    Get a fraud call , he was saying that your SBI account is closed something like that I immediately responded and there was abusing b/w us …his no. +917280939209 . Then he blocked my no. I tried to intimidated to that man by messaging him and complaining about him with police.

    • Dear Sir,

      It was surely a bank Fraud call. Users Beware of Fraud !! kindly report this number to Police and your Bank. we are also submitting this number to Banking Fraud Mobile Number List (User Submissions).


  34. Get a fraud call , he was saying that your Dena bank account is closed something like that I immediately responded and there was abusing b/w us …his no. + 6291951713. and my sister given all ATM details and all bank balance debited her accounts. She is very poor lady she is working housekeeping work hers two years savings amount deducted 0nly 10minitus please help me how get return money please..sir
    My mobile.numbar 97xxx

  35. Get a fraud call my sister and , he was saying that your Dena bank account is closed something like that I immediately responded and there was abusing b/w us …his no. +.6291951713. and then my sister given all bank details. And then all hers 2years saving amount 80000 deducted. She is housekeeping works. She is very poor lady. Please help me how to get return hers money. Please give solution as soon as possible.

    • Dear Sir,

      It is very unfortunate that the fraudsters successfully stole the money. Now you please contact Police and your Bank and register written complaint and get a complaint number from Bank. Ask them to probe it and if in case they do not respond satisfactorily with in 30 days, You can Approach RBI Banking Lokpal.


  36. Today I receive a call from number 7677589368 Bihar, saying calling from SBI bank, they ask me to resubmit my Pan card or my account will be blocked, and they ask me about my debit card details. I gave him the debit card details and lastly he asked me the CVV number to which I denied to give him. Realizing he is fraud I hang up the phone. But surprisingly I receive an OTP of Rs. 5000. I am wondering how is it possible to generate OTP without CVV.

    Should I change my debit card, please advice.

    Thank you

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes you must change the Debit Card as they have all the details except 3-digit CVV. get your current ATM Card Blocked immediately and beware of such calls in future. Please note that, Neither RBI nor your bank will ever call you and ask for the bank details. Never respond to such calls. You must also report this to Police and Bank.


  37. Ok thank you so much sir

  38. Apurba Chakraborty

    The Mobile no. 8016431477 is continuously asking Bank/ATM of SBI details of Pune BSNL subscriber for more than one month. They have successful duping two people defrauding about Rs. 1,08,000/- and Rs 20,000/-. They are particularly targeting account holders of SBI, They somehow acquired Mobile no of BSNL corporate series starting with 7588xxxxxx all of those happened to be salary account holder with SBI. In spite of filing an FIR with the police station by the duped persons and complaint with SBI they are still making calls with impunity. Please do the needful.

    • Dear Sir,

      Firstly block the number and report it SPAM on Truecaller. Moreover, ask the police to probe the identity attached to this number and all fraud numbers you have received. It may be helpful.


  39. Hello sir last night I have received a call and he said I will buy your item that you will add on olx and he pay by phone pay and i have received a masg and he told me some instructions and after 1 minuets 3750 rupees deducted frome my account please suggest

    • Dear Sir,

      What have he told you to do? Did you share any banking details with you or any OTP received on your phone. Please beware of Fraud and never respond to such calls. Also never share your critical banking details with anyone.


  40. sir mere ko 25/05/2019 ko mo no 8310219197 se call aaya tha or mere mobail me teemvivar conect kar ke mere fino bank ki id login kara kar mere id se rs 6969 ko fino bank ac no 98xxx64611 me jama kar liya gaya he jo ki 4848 ak bar me or dobara me 2020 or baki ki rashi recharg krke nikal li gae he aap se mera nivedan he ki mere pase mujhe vapas dilane me meri sahayta karne ka kast kere

    debited rashi ka ministetment sath attech he

    • Dear Sir,

      Firstly report this number as fraud in police and with your bank immediately. Also get the complaint number from bank. If within 30 working days bank do not respond satisfactorily, You can then Approach RBI Banking Lokpal along with previous complaint number. Please note that Neither RBI nor your Bank will ever call you and ask for Confidential Banking Account information like ATM PIN, card number, OTP etc. They all are are fraud calls and try to steal your money like they did in your case. Beware of Frauds in future.


  41. Sir this is Ashok Kumar I have transferred amount of 19k to my brother ACC in feb month til now money has not transfer to his account so plz inform me has soon has possible

    • Dear Sir,

      Have you lodged complaint with your bank with complaint number at least 30 days before? If yes then please contact RBI Banking Lokpal and ask them to communicate to the bank regarding the status of the money.


  42. Hi this is Ashok gd mrng I have transfer amount of 19k to my bro to number of 6160 last 5 months back on of Feb til now he didn’t reach money…and bank is not responding well .to us plz tell us soon

  43. Gd mrng sir Mr b.ashok Kumar then amount u have transfer to to phone number if 6160 of amount 19k sir .ur amount will be refunded to to u in Span of 5 or 6 th in June ..sir u should not transfer more than 10k from phone pay this is problem y it has been delayed and tanku sir

  44. Sharmisha malik

    I sharmistha Malik,talagad,balarampur,jenapur,Kanpur,odisha was cheated by a fraud who told me ,I m calling from ucobank bearing mobile no-06291144848 on 27may19 at 10am,asked my account no,otp of my mobile,I gave him after sometimes he made empty of my ucobank account and tookaway26,150 .I gave complain in jaraka ucobank,jajpur to BM,BM told I cannot help u,I m a SC poor lady,plz help me to recover my sweatdropped money,sharmisha-7787xx531

    • Dear Ma’am,

      I Suggest you must lodge written complaint to your bank and get the complaint number. Ask your bank to probe into this matter as how the details like Phone number, Account Number etc., got leaked to the fraudsters. If within 30 days bank do not respond satisfactorily, You can contact RI Banking Lokpal against bank. Never respond to calls who pose themselves as Banking officials.


  45. Dear sir,
    I am using paytm for the last five years,i love paytm very much,i recharge my mobile through paytm only.
    Recently I bought bike from Honda showroom from Anna nagar,he told that 4000 cash back from paytm I believe and bought bike,after that he told that you need kyc update to get cash back I suffer lot near by pay tm kyc store to not update my kyc for last three month and then the person in that store says update through online now we can’t update kyc after adhar proof is stopped now for kyc,i also believe that I have done my kyc through online.
    I search in Google I got some paytm customer care number,i donow that that is fraud number I give my some details and he hack money from my account through app,i donow the paytm is top 1 online customer shoppe why he give this like fraud number
    I got very upset after hack my money 88,888
    Please remove this like fraud no from google my humble request,
    Please refund y money sir,i am family man I depend on that money only otherwise my life is question mark only.
    The number I called is
    Next day I give complaint in cyber crime police in celery he told that take immediate action about theif but one month gone the process is some slow sir if u solve my problem is useful for me I attached all details below take immediate action.
    In case of contact me my mobile number given below-904744xx42776

    • Dear Sir,

      You must first get the copy of FIR the police has registered. Also, go the official Paytm KYC link https://www.paytmbank.com/kyc and enter your PIN Number and get the registered numbers of Authorized paytm KYC Dealers. Moreover Contact Paytm Customer Care regarding Paytm Cash, Bank related issue on 0120-4456-456.


  46. Bhaskar sharma

    I received a call and person saying I am calling from RBI
    your bank card has to be renewed and asking me for the card number . I didn’t tell him my card number.. I know that it was fraud … please do something for these SCAMS
    ‭+91 86700 27358‬ . That was the number

    • Dear Sir,

      Please note that Neither RBI nor your Bank will ever call u and ask for Critical baking information like ATM card Number, PIN, OTP etc. Beware of Frauds !!


  47. Now mob.no.6291763594 at 3:20 is asking to give detail of my account and saying that he is a branch maneger of my town

  48. i received call from +916290881927 and he identified my name also and told me that your CARD has to be linked to aadhar and PAN card and he asked me to provide the expiry date of card.

    • Dear Sir,

      Please note that such are frauds and neither RBI nor your bank will ever call you and ask for OTP and PIN Number etc. details.


  49. Sir mujhe v call ayya tha aur mera a/c se 19999 le liya

    Help line number @8670905881

    • Dear Sir,
      Beware of Fraud !! Neither your bank nor RBI will ever call you and ask for Critical Banking Information like OTP, Card Number, CVV, PIN Number etc. Any such call is a fraud and must be reported to bank and Police Station.


  50. I was cheated to a time of 19505/- on Google pay under the pretext of purchasing my product advertised on olx. Being a 1st time Google pay user he took advantage under the pretext of guiding me to accept money online from him.
    This cheat repeated the procedure within 5mins again and I got alerted and blocked my account.
    Can some one pls guide to get back my hard earned money. It’s so easy for cheaters to do fraud online as we are moving towards digitization. I am afraid to go online again for any kind of payments.

  51. Sir
    My self amit kumar yesterday i had come frod call.thay had chitted with me.thay told me business purpose call regard required Acp sheet then aginst payment 30000 deposit by my google pay apps.but i had not recived any amount.that people convince me or deposit by my side 30000 rs.by google pay apps.that people name golu kumar .upi transection id no 916×42302.to golu kumar [email protected] ad not pic my call that pople no 8955985299.sir my upi detail [email protected] google transection id CICx9adag sir pls help me.

  52. Hi sir,
    I have been trying to get my money back from state bank of India . It was a ATM dispute . I had tried to withdraw 10,000 rs from corporation bank on 24th of February 2019 from my Sbi debit card. 10000 got deducted from account but money didn’t disburse from the ATM. It’s been more then three months.
    Sbi not giving my money back .. they are saying on our record transactions was successful.. I am asking to my bank manager for cctv footage.. he is unable to help me anymore.. sir please guide me .. it is my hard earn money I can’t let it go just like that.

  53. Dear RBI,

    I want to put complaint against branch manager of Patiala Tripuri SBI branch manager Mr. Rahul Ranjan.
    My car loan is going in this bank . Loan has been started in bank from last year august.
    Deduction happens on every month 15th.
    My 3 penalties have been deducted by bank of Rs. 2970 p.m. from Dec to February for non submission of R.C.
    First of all they didn’t inform me that penalties will be levied for non submission of R.C. Even i have given my all documents after 2nd EMI deduction, still they deducted my 1 more EMI.
    Everything handed over to branch manager, Mr. Rahul Ranjan . When i asked him why 1 more emi deducted , he told me that he forgot to upload the documents.
    I just want to say that this is not a professionalism, how can he forgot. This means for him customer money is not important.
    From last 5 months he saying me that your all EMI will be refunded. He just providing me next date. On Thursday he told me that on 24th June surely i will get a refund.
    I am very fed up with this kind of behaviour of him and i cant follow him more. I request you to take this matter very very seriously and kindly refund my money as earliest.

    Waiting for your positive revert as earliest.

    Vishal Goyal
    [email protected]

  54. Umeshkumar Saxena

    Please sar mera ATM do mahine band hai bank mein jab Bhi jaata hoon naye bahane banate mein bahut pareshan hokar aap ko shikayat kar raha hoon please Aap ki bahut meharbani hogi mera act bank of Baroda mein hai haldwani (nainital)

  55. hell i am a saving account customer of state bank
    bank debited my account of rs 21137 with the description of credit card payment
    but i never fill and sign any form for credit card application . i have no credit card
    many time i request to branch to solve the problem , they always reply we r trying to resolve it
    because of this problem i m not able to work on my account
    please help me and clear this issue

    my account details
    gaurav jain
    account no.63×37511
    ifsc code- SBIN0030076

  56. Abhishek Sodani

    +918743982618, i got a call from this no, he told me that u have rewards amount of rs 8000 soo asked me for card expiry date,card no, i asked him his employee id(AB148007) name himself ayaan brijlani. He is again n again forced me to trust him n why i am not telling him card no. As i told him that i m not intrested in any rewards but again he ask me why u r not intrested.

  57. Abhishek Sodani

    He told me that he is working in sbi

  58. Dear sir

    my name is deepak kumar i have lap loan from bandhan bank till oct-19 now m paying hole amount ..so bank has given me foreclose letter with 4% + gst charges on my lap loan

    i want to know is this ok pls call me


  59. pritam chakravorty

    sir, somebody have make a fraud with me by the name of one trusted financial company very recently so how i give the complaint against this ? please help me about this matter.

  60. Ajit Kumar Shaw

    Sir mene ek company Ko 5200 ka pement Kiya upi se Lekin unhone koi Sarvesh nhi diya AVI tak call karo to call nhi lagta company name dedozz services pvt

    (1) Upi I’d 9163×77513 (2600₹)
    (2) Upi I d 916×347789 (2600₹)

  61. i have recived 2 fraud calls from (A)9064108787 and (B)7349806080. both of them are telling that they are from SBI branch , counter no:2 . they both stated that the debit card will expire if i do not renew the same by giving the details. Number (A) has also abused a lot. They are not afraid of RBI as they said on call.
    If any RBI Officer is looking to this statement , I request him / her to take action against them so that we innocent people can be safe.

  62. I got a call from a number on my othr contact number which is not connected to my account. He said my card was gong to be blocked. Out of panick I mistakenly told my expiry date. Will it create any issue???

    • You must get the card block asap and ask bank bank to re-issue. It will not cost you the amount as compare to what if they do any banking fraud. Get the card blocked ASAP.

  63. Sir mare a bank of Baroda ke atm se fruod 2/3 may ko hua that jee bank koe jabab nahi de rahi hai our pulech bhe nahi please Mary help kejey

    • Sunil Ji,

      bank of Baroda ke Toll free number 1800 258 44 55/1800 102 44 55 par shikayat darj kara kar complaint number avashya le. Uske baad use le kar police ke pass jaen aur police complaint darj karein. Agar Bank 30 days ke andar aapka samadhan nahi karti to app RBI Banking lokpal se bank ki shikayat kar sakte hain.


  64. Sir mene camplene 3may ko hi castmar caer me ke the aur pulice camplene bhre ke hai fir bhe koe jabab nahi mil rha lokpal see kase skayst Karu please help me

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