ICICI Online fraud Complaint/ Customer Care/ Toll Free/ Email id

ICICI Online Fraud Complaint

Now a days, Online Fraud is very common as thugs call people and pretend to be the bank officials. The burglars ask for confidential information and if you fall into their trap, your hard earned money will get online stolen. If you want to register ICICI Online Fraud Complaint, then below we have provided ICICI Complaint Toll Free Number and email Id. Kindly report immediately any suspicious activity or call to your bank for immediate remedial action.

Now a days online fraud transactions is very common problem and for solving such problems/ queries, kindly update this to your nearest branch or call on ICICI Customer care/ Toll Free Numbers .ICICI serves on debit/Credit cards, Consumer banking, corporate banking, finance and insurance, investment banking, mortgage loans, private banking, wealth management etc.

ICICI Online Fraud Complaint queries can now be send on complaint Email ID. The toll free number of ICICI Bank is Toll free Number : 1800 102 4242, Along with this, here we  are along providing you some more important  contact numbers that will be more useful for all the customers.Kindly note down the All India Toll-Free Helpline Number 1800-103-8181. Some of the important numbers of ICICI Bank  are as under:

ICICI Bank Customer Care Numbers

Here are some important ICICI Customer Care numbers. These Numbers are very useful in submitting your problems regarding online fraud transactions/ debit card blocking/ ATM blocking and many more.

Hyderabad – 33667777
Karnataka – 8088667777
New Delhi – 33667777
Mumbai – 33667777 / 44455000
Chennai – 33667777
Kolkata – 33667777
Kerala – 9020667777

ICICI Corporate Office & Helpline

ICICI Bank Towers,
Bandra-Kurla Complex,
Pin code-400 051.
Ph : +91 22 26531414

On these numbers, The customer care executives are there to help you all anytime and every time. These toll free and customer care numbers are available for 24*7 days and the customer query will soon be answered in best possible ways.

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  2. namaskar sir mera main home loan liya tha ICICI bank se aur mera Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana ka Paisa abhi tak Maaf nahi hua hai 2018 March mahine mein liya tha loan Ek Saal Ke Upar matlab 14 Mahina Ho Gaya abhi tak Maaf nahi hua Bank Wale gubbare Hain kisi ko kuch to jawab dete nahin hai bahut Pareshan Hoon mere ko kya karna padega sanction letter par likha hua hai Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana lekin abhi tak hua hi nahin hai aur Phir Ek Baar Main Bank Mein Gaya Tu unhone mere ko mail karne ko bola maine mail Kiya Tu mere ko Wapas Mela aaya aur registration number Bhi Aaya Hai tu bola ki ki ka Chopra LKO hoyega Kar Gaye Lekin abhi tak hua Nahin Hai Toh Main Kya Karun Sar aap boliye main registration number bhejta Hoon aapko aur mera naam bhi batao aur loan number bhi bhej do aap ko thik hai na Sir Kuch Kijiye Sar bahut Pareshan Hoon Main Udhar bhagta Hoon Jawab Nahin de rahe mere ko
    PUSADEVI GOPAL BORANA lhmum00xxx56469
    Registration number pamy SR6xxx67836

  3. Bank has nothing sense of managment, its still 6 months but still they can close my minor account, they also dont reply us or give us information perfactly, i had a issue of freezing so I applied for unfreeze & close & its 6th month going on still they aren’t having any report pf my account, its a request to new commers that dont make account first take a note & their sign that if i want to close account u have to close it within a 10/15 fays or else u have to give double ammount of our account balance.

  4. Dear friends,
    Plz be aware of these numbers of fake ICICI no which are as follows :
    Both of these nos are indulge in fraudulent activities, claiming they are calling from corporate office ICICI Bank/ insurance. I request the ICICI authority to lodge a F.I.R. against these nos in the cyber branch of police station
    and expose them before the public.

    • Users Beware of Fraud !! We have also updated these numbers to our Bank Fraud Mobile Number list (User Submissions)


  5. In the month of April, two fraud transactions had been made from my icici credit card which I blocked in the month of March. After paying required amount, I put a request to block my card.

    I have marked a mail to few to other mentioned email Id’s associated with your bank. Instead of addressing the issue, I keep on getting numerous call a day asking for paying the bill. I have already narrated the same thing to each and every executive who calls. One of the executive had visited at my place and same had been informed to him,he went assuring that he will arrange a call.

    I have been trying to figure out about the unauthorized payment of ₹9000 and ₹5000 . I had already put numerious complaints in icici grievance portal also.

  6. Recently i subscirbed to seirvice by JUST ANSWERS by paying $1 in INR, asked a question but I found the answer by myself and cancelled the subscription sucesfully. But the outfit started charging to my bank sccount. I fealized it is a frausdulent activity. They do not give contact nimber and their emails are unanswerable. I changed my password and protected from further eploiItation. BEWARE OF JUST
    ANSWERS which is a cyber fraud.

    • it is advisable that the card details you have used to purchase the subscription, kindly block the card immediately.

  7. I have a saving account in ICICI Bank in gurgaon. I got a message on 6th sep 2109 (yesterday) at 4:08 pm on my registered mobile number that an amount of Rs. 10,023 has been debited from my account as a cash withdraw from Debit card and then i got 4 another messages as a cash withdraw of different amount,total amount of Rs 35,970 has been debited from my account.
    I had a word with CCE and they told that it’s a transaction from my Debit Card at Mayur Vihar location ,East Delhi but at that time i was in my office located at Gurgaon .I told them that i didn’t use my debit card and have the debit card with me then how can i or any person withdraw money from debit card.The CCE informed me that it may be hacked by someone else.
    I request you to please look into this matter.

    • This seems to be a case of ATM Card Cloning. Please register complaint with your bank and lodge police FIR. Immediately ask the police to get the CCTV footage of the ATM Card machine. Also take RBI in the loop, if you can prove that the fraud is not because of your mistake but the bank system loop hole is responsible. you may get the refund of your account after the intervention of RBI.

  8. Sir return refund

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