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What Is UPI App ?

UPI app stands for Unified Payment Interface and this has been announced by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). UPI is a payment system used to make banking transactions between two bank accounts using your Smartphone both offline and online. UPI app has been developed on IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) framework to transfer and receive funds immediately.

UPI App features

Feature #1 UPI Online/ Offline

UPI App works both online and offline for immediate transfer of money round the clock 24X7 and 365 days.

Feature #2 Single UPI App for different Bank Accounts

Yes, you read it correct. With Single UPI App installed on your Smartphone you can access your multiple bank accounts for transactions.

Feature #3 UPI Safety feature

UPI App is considered as the safest payment mechanism because of the described reason that to make transaction through UPI App, Customers need to share only their Virtual Address instead of any other sensitive information.

Feature #4 Working Of UPI App

Many Research Scholars and Technical students who want to know the mechanism of UPI app can now read this carefully that, Before start Using UPI app you have to follow these steps :

Step 1 : Download the UPI App of your Bank which may be Andhra Bank, Axis Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, Bhartiya Mahila Bank, Canara Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank, DCB Bank, Federal Bank, ICICI Bank, TJSB Sahakari Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Karnataka Bank, UCO Bank, Union Bank of India, United Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, State bank of India, HDFC, Bank of Baroda/ BOB, South Indian Bank, Vijaya Bank, YES Bank or any other bank from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Step 2 : Set up the UPI app login credentials using your smartphone

Step 3 : Create VPA (Virtual Payment Address) VERY IMPORTANT STEP

Step 4 : Now Add your bank account in the UPI App

Step 5 : Now Set M-Pin for your copy of UPI app

Step 6 : Congratulations !! You have successfully configured UPI App, Now start transactions.

UPI App List of Transactions

  • Merchant Payment
  • Utility Bill Payments (Telephone/ Mobile/ Gas/ Electricity etc.)
  • Over The Counter Payments (Payment at Bill desk)
  • Barcode Based Payments (Scan and Pay like Paytm, Freecharge etc.)

UPI App Using Instructions

Never tell your Secret Information Like Card Details, Online Banking User ID Password, M-PIN, ATM PIN, Transaction Password etc. to any one. Please Neither RBI nor any of the Government Agencies or Bank will ever ask for your above mentioned Details. So beware of any Such Fraud calls asking for your bank details giving counter argument that you should tell it immediately or your account will be freeze or banned.

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First of all lets understand what is a PSP in UPI ? PSP Full form is Payment Service Provider and can be defined as Payment Service Providers will be entities which are allowed to acquire customers and provide payment (credit/debit) services to individuals or entities. Payment Service Providers are the entities that provide for the Front-end/App for the customer. PSP will provide an App to the customers which will use the UPI libraries facilitating payments. The Updated List of UPI PSP Banks Till 10 December 2016 is as Under :

1 Allahabad Bank PSP & Issuer
2 Andhra Bank  (Andhra Bank UPI) PSP & Issuer
3 Axis Bank (Axis Bank UPI) PSP & Issuer
4 Bank of Baroda (Bank of Baroda UPI) PSP & Issuer
5 Bank of Maharashtra (Bank of Maharashtra UPI) PSP & Issuer
6 Canara Bank (Canara Bank UPI) PSP & Issuer
7 Catholic Syrian Bank (CSB UPI) PSP & Issuer
8 DCB Bank (DCB UPI) PSP & Issuer
9 Federal Bank (Federal Bank UPI) PSP & Issuer
10 HDFC Bank (HDFC UPI) PSP & Issuer
11 ICICI Bank (ICICI UPI) PSP & Issuer
12 IndusInd Bank (IndusInd Bank UPI) PSP & Issuer
13 Karnataka Bank (Karnataka Bank UPI) PSP & Issuer
14 Kotak Mahindra Bank (Kotak Mahindra Bank UPI) PSP & Issuer
15 Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC UPI) PSP & Issuer
16 Punjab National Bank (PNB UPI) PSP & Issuer
17 South Indian Bank (South Indian Bank UPI) PSP & Issuer
18 State Bank of India (SBI UPI) PSP & Issuer
19 TJSB Bank (TJSB Bank UPI) PSP & Issuer
20 UCO Bank (UCO Bank UPI) PSP & Issuer
21 Union Bank of India (UBI Bank UPI) PSP & Issuer
22 United Bank of India (United Bank UPI) PSP & Issuer
23 Vijaya Bank (Vijaya Bank UPI) PSP & Issuer
24 Yes Bank (Yes Bank UPI) PSP & Issuer

Download UPI App

1 Allahabad Bank (UPI App Download) Allahabad Bank UPI
2 Andhra Bank  (Andhra Bank ONE App Download) Andhra Bank ONE
3 Axis Bank (Axis PAY App Download) Axis Pay
4 Bank of Baroda (Baroda MPay App Download) Baroda MPay
5 Bank of Maharashtra (MAHAUPI App Download) MAHAUPI
6 Canara Bank (Canara Bank UPI – Empower Download) Canara Bank UPI – Empower
7 Catholic Syrian Bank (CSB UPI App Download) CSB UPI
8 DCB Bank (DCB Bank UPI App Download) DCB Bank
9 Federal Bank (Lotza UPI App Download) Lotza
10 HDFC Bank (HDFC Bank MobileBanking App Download) HDFC Bank MobileBanking
11 ICICI Bank (Pockets-ICICI Bank App Download) iMobile- ICICI Bank
12 IndusInd Bank (Indus Pay App Download) Indus Pay
13 Karnataka Bank (KBL Smartz App Download) KBL Smartz
14 Kotak Mahindra Bank (KayPay App Download) KayPay
15 Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBCUPI App Download) OBCUPI PSP
16 Punjab National Bank (PNB UPI Download) PNB UPI
17 South Indian Bank (SIB M-Pay UPI Pay Download) SIB M-Pay (UPI Pay)
18 State Bank of India (SBI Pay App download) SBI Pay
19 TJSB Bank (TranZapp UPI App Download) TranZapp
20 UCO Bank (UCO UPI Download) UCO UPI
21 Union Bank of India (UBI Bank UPI App Download) Union Bank UPI
22 United Bank of India (United UPI Download) United UPI
23 Vijaya Bank (Vijaya UPI App Download) Vijaya UPI App
24 Yes Bank (Yes Pay UPI Download) Yes Pay