GST/ Income Tax/ Business Online Complaint In Rajasthan

GST Online Complaint in Rajasthan

GST/ Goods and Services Tax act is only introduced to collect all the intra-state supply of goods and services. It extends to whole in the State of Rajasthan. GST is already been implemented in all the respective states from July 1st 2017. It is mandatory for all the citizens to take of GST. But after the implementation of GST, many of the people are doing fraud in the field of Goods and Services tax. If any Person have any type of complaint regarding GST Registration/ FRAUD/ Consumer Complaint regarding GST/ GSTIN in Rajasthan, they can call the toll free number or customer care.

Tax Online Complaint In Rajasthan

Tax is a mandatory financial charge or some other type of levy imposed upon a taxpayer by a state or the functional equivalent of a state in order to fund various public expenditures. Taxes consist of direct or indirect taxes and may be paid in money or as its labour equivalent. In the month of March and April every year, every citizen use to submit the income tax return/ Sales tax/ GST Return. If any one faces any kind of problem regarding Tax submit/Return / GSTIN ( Rajasthan)/ any Consumer complaint regarding Income tax Return/ Sales tax Registration Number, They can please submit your query. You can also report for the misconduct i.e. Embezzling your refund, Altering your tax return documents, Filing a return without your consent, Creating false exemptions or dependents to generate a larger refund.Creating false expenses, deductions or credits to generate a larger refund & Using an incorrect filing status to generate a larger refund, for such type of misconduct you can report a online complaint.

Business Queries in Rajasthan

Running a business means facing a lot of problems, so tackle problems with a well thought-out plan to avoid making rash decisions. Not only this, we are about with the fact that owing a business is not an easy task, whereas doing job have some limitations in itself whereas owing a business donot have any of such things. Rajasthan state government has decided to help the new ones who wanted to start their own business, Not only this the government has also decided to provide the funds so that many people can achieve their tasks and goals. Various type of schemes has already given to them with lot of facilities such as Mudra schemes and many more. If you face any kind of problem kindly submit your reviews.



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  1. नमस्कार जी आज मै पंजाब रोडवेज की बस से सफर तय कर रहा था मैं पटियाला से हिसार जा रहा था पहले तो कंडक्टर सब को टिकट दे रहा था फिर जैसे ही बस ने हरियाणा में प्रवेश किया तो कंडक्टर ने किसी को टिकट नहीं दिया तो जैसे ही यात्री ने पैसे देकर टिकट देने को कहा तो
    कंडक्टर बोला की मैं हूँ अगर कोई अधिकारी टिकट चैक करने आता है तो ।तो सर मेरी आप से प्रार्थना है किआप चैकर स्टाफ को भेज कर इन्क्वायरी करवाए और हो सके तो चैकिंग बरवाला से आगे आगे होनी चाहिए ।मै आप से प्रार्थना करता हूँ की राज्य की और देश के आय संसाधनों का नुकसान होने से बचाएँ

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