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  1. Hi Team ,

    My frined tried transferring 7K from Tez App on 18th Apr 11:36 AM , when i logged in to my Tez App it shows the amount got credited but in account balance it doesn’t display the sufficient amount

    kindly do the needful
    Contact number 89xxxxx19

    • Dear Sir,

      Please note that in case of TEZ App failed transaction or refunds, The Google Tez App will not be responsible as per the Google Tez App Terms Clause No. 12. How Ever Google will assist Users in communicating with each other regarding a dispute or in sending the User’s complaint to the respective Payment Participant, if required under Applicable Laws or Payment Participant Rules. So in case of Money not credited, Please contact your respective bank and further more queries and complaint regarding google tez app please contact Google.


  2. Meduri Nirmala

    My father have two apspdcl service nos. How he can pay through tej app

  3. Tez app customer support

  4. Mere account se balence kata hai refund my balence

  5. My tez account automatically block
    Please urgently unblock account please my complain resolves
    My phone number 78xxx9826

  6. Please crust my money 399
    Which is debited on 13/3/2019.14.4pm

  7. I am using Google pay ( tez) app I got a problem with my phone I have done factory reset to my mobile after that I can’t remember open my tez app again I have raised a complaint couple as f Rhimes by I have not rectified my problem what can do

  8. Chandra Sekhara Rao. Ch

    I have paid Rs. 119/- two times on 4th April, 2019 for Airtel recharge. The amounts were deducted from my bank account. No reason charge was received by me. When contacted with Airtel customer care, they have informed me that the amounts we’re not received by them and suggested me to contact with Google pay customer care. Please check the issue and credit the amounts to my bank account at the earliest.

    • Dear Sir,

      kindly raise the issue with the failed transaction. You shall get your amount back in your account or get the recharge done. Plz Beware of Frauds.Neither Bank nor any authority ask for confidential Bank information.


  9. Money debited from my account and recharge failed but still google pay not refund 😠 it… And also there is no service number and helpline number..

  10. Shekhar Rahangdale

    Dear Sir,

    Please note that in case of Google pay amount of rs. 10000 another account fortunately wrong transaction. today on date 25.04.2019, please reverse the amount of Rs. 10000.
    Amount transfer that account No. 96xx61208 Bank:- Savings Bank Metro Urban, IFSC
    Code:- SYNBxxx8174.
    Please refund the amount.

    Mr Shekhar Rahangdale

    • Dear Sir,

      Since the transaction is successful, kindly contact your bank for reversal (if permissible under rules).


  11. Hi
    I have send the cash amount of 8000 rs to my friend in doing the transaction it show as something went wrong and the amount will be credit to your account in 3 to 5 working days . There is no mistake in my side . It’s emergency kindly do the needful to send the cash back to my account immediately

  12. Anuj Kumar Sharma

    Money debited from my account and recharge failed but still google pay not refund it… And also there is no service number and helpline number..

    • Dear Sir,

      Please note that, you must contact your bank for the process of refund in case of failed transactions.


  13. My 1000 rupees ioB to corporation bank transferred but my account detected amount unable to receive my partner account please help 887xxx366

    • Dear Sir,

      Kindly Raise the dispute with your bank and ask to process the refund in case of failed transaction.


  14. On 14 th April 2019 i transferred rs 3500 to my friends account but not credited to my friends account. Also not refunded to my account. Today On 7th May 2019 again the same problem has occured .Money is not transferred to my friends account. So pls do needfull action.

  15. I had a deal of 10k on Gold Vault that is placed in Google Pay later I sold out that gold as I needed money urgently and it’s been 9 days but did not get my money back while as per their T&C it may take upto 3 working days only, Even had a chat with Google Pay customer care executive and was disconnected without providing a solution.

    Google Pay Help

    Time of chat: 9 May 2019, 10:36
    Chat duration: 18:17
    Chatted with: Harika

    Harika [10:36 am]:
    Thanks for contacting Google Pay. My name is Harika.
    Hi Suhail. Very Good morning.
    I see that you have a transaction related issue. Am I correct?

    Suhail Idrisi [10:36 am]:

    Harika [10:37 am]:
    Please do not worry, I would check that for you right away.
    Could you please provide me with the last four characters of the Google transaction ID?

    Suhail Idrisi [10:38 am]:
    I had bought gold for 10k through Gold vault then sold it on the same but it’s been more than 8 days but no amount credited

    Harika [10:38 am]:
    I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
    Please help me with the ID.

    Suhail Idrisi [10:39 am]:

    Harika [10:39 am]:
    Thank you for the information.
    Please give two minutes while I check the information for you.

    Suhail Idrisi [10:40 am]:

    Harika [10:42 am]:
    Thank you for staying connected. Appreciate your time and patience.

    Suhail Idrisi [10:42 am]:
    It’s fine

    Harika [10:44 am]:
    I see that this is a payment of INR 9293.67 . Am I correct?

    Suhail Idrisi [10:44 am]:

    Harika [10:44 am]:
    “I’m sorry to hear that the issue persists.
    I’m escalating this to our specialist team to investigate this and we shall get back to you within 7 business days with an update.

    Suhail Idrisi [10:45 am]:
    7 business days, why so early
    Take 7 days more please as already it’s quite early

    Harika [10:46 am]:
    I totally understand your concern but this is the stipulated time by MMTC.

    Suhail Idrisi [10:47 am]:
    Hv you recieved any other complaint?

    Harika [10:47 am]:
    However we will try our best to resolve this at the earliest.

    Suhail Idrisi [10:49 am]:
    What if I personally want to escalate this to higher management?

    Harika [10:51 am]:
    You may reach out to MMTC for any other assistance.

    Suhail Idrisi [10:52 am]:
    How do I contact that xxxxxr?
    Since the don’t hv any contact listed here

    Harika [10:53 am]:
    I kindly request you to please be professional or else I am forced to disconnect the chat.

    Suhail Idrisi [10:54 am]:
    Who stops you , you hv all the rights to do so

    Harika [10:54 am]:
    Thank you for contacting Google Pay. Have a great day ahead.
    Thank you for contacting Google chat support. Your chat session is now complete.

    • Dear Sir,

      As Google Pay Customer Care is asking for 7 working days so you may get your complaint resolved. However using abusive and un-professional language will not help you get the solution fast rather you may land yourself in further trouble. Sir, we request you to kindly have patience and calm down.



    money debited from my account but google pay not refund it

  17. Dear sir I was send money to my friend .but transaction was failed.but amount debited from my bank account.

  18. googal play halp lain number not avelibal my account debit money 1500 not rifand no service

  19. my emi amount is paid through the help of tez, after that emi debited to direct bank, i directly meet to the emi financer & explain this issue, he said not recognise the amount for my account, please consider bank & taz app customer care, after that i complaint to the bank manager & he wrote a mail, but my amount was not credited for last 2 months, please needful for this issue & suggest him, how to recognise my amount

    • Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

      Please lodge written complaint with the bank and get the complaint number. If even after 30 days the bank do not satisfactorily, you can contact RBI Banking Lokpal against bank.


  20. have sent a refferal code to my friends but after download tez app there can not arrive OTP to my friends tez a/c Google pay customer care number

  21. Hi hello mera pesa galat transfer ho gaya hai contact plz

  22. DEAR SIR,

    I Make online recharge, amount is deduct my account but recharge is not done,

    so please find the problem and refund my amount of Rs.448/-

    Ravikumara v

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