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Google Proxima Beta Online Complaint SOLVED Money Deduction Refund Process Debit Card Money Auto Debit

Many Users are complaining of Money deduction from their account in the name of Google Proxima Beta. So, you can register Google Proxima Beta Online Complaint to the competent authority using helpline number and email id. After Examining the various complaints, here we will discuss the Exact Solution for Money RefundGoogle Proxima Beta Money Deduction Refund Process will involve Steps to get a Refund on Google Play. Firstly, Proxima Beta is the company running PUBG Mobile Game and Google Proxima Beta Auto money deduction raising concerns everywhere.

Originally Proxima Beta Pte. Ltd is a Singapore based company having office at 10 Anson Road #21-07 International Plaza, Singapore. Google Proxima Beta Fraud Common deductions are multiple transactions of Rs. 799/- and Rs. 79/- (Several Times). It is causing very much mental trauma and irk among the users. Since these transactions are happening suddenly and without any prior information, Users are founding themselves dumbfounded. Please go through the Refund Process if it can help.

Google Proxima Beta Fraud Online Complaint

As the money deduction from user’s account against the merchant name Google Proxima Beta is uninformed to the user. The victims are free to Register Google Proxima Beta Online Complaint using Customer Care Helpline and email id. Also, here is the possible refund process is available to read. Some common things to be note here are as follows:

  • RBI has not allowed RuPay cards as “recurring payment” or “Standing Instructions” e-commerce transaction.
  • Recurring Payment or Standing Instructions enabled cards are those from which amount can be Auto-Debit without your Visa/ Master Card OTP
  • Sometimes without knowing the meaning of terms like “recurring payment” or “Standing Instructions”, we agree to the terms
  • This is the reason why RuPay Cards are declined by Netflix, Paypal, Google, youtube, Erosnow etc. 

Before starting with Refund Process, initially you have to understand what is actually happening here. You suddenly got a message of auto debit of money from your account with Merchant Name Google Proxima Beta. As in most of the cases users have no idea where the money is going and what is happening. It may be a consequence of your acceptance of recurring payment.

Please read the following instructions to register Google Proxima Beta Online Complaint:

  1. If you are a victim of Google Proxima Beta Money Deduction, Block your Debit/ Credit Card immediately
  2. Contact your Bank’s Toll-Free Number to complain against Google Proxima Beta Fraud
  3. Ask for a refund from the Google Assistant.

Additionally, please report the issue on different Google Forums.

Report Unauthorized Charges Google Pay App Complaint Discussion Thread Google Proxima Beta Complaint

Google Proxima Beta Money Deduction Solution

This is the solution of Google Proxima Beta Money Deduction problem and get the money back in your bank account. Our attentive user Lalitha is giving us a Solution by which she got her money back to the bank account.

Incident date is 07-07-2019 as soon as i saw the messages, called the bank customer care support team to block my card immediately. Today i have received the total amount from GOOGLE PROXIMA BETA. Here are the steps need to follow.

1. Block your card immediately.
2. Lodge a complaint in cyber crime police station against GOOGLE PROXIMA BETA and submit the proof at least 2 transaction printouts and scan the complaint
3. Send the scanned copy to your bank.

Submit Online Police Complaint Cyber Crime Fraud

Remaining investigation will be done by police and bank. Be-aware of fraud calls and mails. After i posted my issue in this community got a fraud mail and call with the name of GOOGLE PROXIMA BETA. They will try to fraud you by asking you to provide the different bank card details to refund the money as your card has been blocked. Don’t ever share your card another details to them. Because though the card has been blocked still your money can be refund to the same card. So guys please be careful. Hope this helps you.

Google Assistant App Complaint Process

Assistant can help you in getting money refund of any app purchase. Now, if the money deduction is happening due to some app’s recurring payment feature, you can ask for refund within 48 hours.

Within 48 hours: You may be able to get a refund depending on the details of the purchase. Follow these instructions.

After 48 hours: Contact the developer to troubleshoot and find if you can get a refund. Developers have their own policies and legal requirements and may be able to give you a refund.

Note: You can only return an app or game for a refund once. If you buy it again you will not be able to get a refund. If a refund is issued you will lose access to the item.

Online Bank Fraud Helpline

Apart from all the above information, report any fraud to your bank in written and get the complaint number. If in case your bank do not solve your problem in 30 working days, you can contact RBI Banking Lokpal against Bank. Furthermore, to avoid any such incident kindly read the instructions of RBI Sachet.

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