Blue Whale Game Helpline Nos/ 24*7 Free Services

What Is Blue Whale Game

Blue whale is an online game. This is a Russian game created or made by Philipp Budeikin. The game  is launched in Russia in 2013. Blue whale game has different names in different countries and languages like “Wake up at 4:20 am, “F 57” and much more. In this Suicidal game, after sign up in the game player has to complete up to 50 tasks given by admin of this game. After completing all the 49 tasks, the 50th task is to kill yourself or do suicide. Now you all are thinking that how does this blue game works?? This answer is  this game starts works by chatting with admin and player. You will only understand by giving the example that Suppose you are playing blue whale game then the admin of the game will contact you on chatting application like Facebook or messenger, WhatsApp, He/She will give you 50 tasks to do but only 1 task will be given for only 1 day i.e. 1 task per day  and would say to show me proof of that task means he/ she will demand for the pictures and photos of that particular tasks which are completed by you.

Blue Whale Game Helpline/ 24*7 Free Services

As we all are aware about this suicidal game called as Blue Whale Online game. In India, many of the places are getting suffered by this game, most of the teenagers had already left their lives. In India, Fortis hospital and government has launched its helpline number for free. The Helpline No is +918376804102.This number is only launched to help those who got trapped in this game  or wanted to come out or quit this dangerous game. Now we all are noticing that around six cases has been find from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Jodhpur, Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. In such places cases had been noticed that due to this dangerous game, teenagers lost their lives.

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