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PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Complaint

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  1. Biraja nandan Rath

    An amount of Rs798 has been debited twice on paying tge creditcard amount, you are requested to please do the needful

  2. Dear sir
    On date of 01-06-2018 i withdraw amount 10000 from ATM. But some time latter atm write time out. that after i cancel my transaction.I was 2 attempt for 4000 rs. still machine give me same massage again i was do same. After some time i receive massage from bank your amount deduct 10000 in your account.and 2nd amount 4000 is reverse in you account. Sir how is this possible. Than i register complain on customer care.My complain Id is 1806×306 given by miss richa. After 3 day i have no any clarity. Kindly do needful help.


  3. Mrs. Bhavani Joshi

    I am an Account Holder in your Axis Bank at Pilani, Rajasthan. My A/c No. being 91201×06933983 . I had applied online for cheque book on 05 May, 2018 and till date I have not received the cheque bok. On my questioning the bank staffs I am not getting a satisfactory reply. Hope your good office will look into my complain and issue the cheque book at the earliest.

  4. I had applied for a mortgage loan with your loan centre at Perungudi Branch on 6th August, 2018 after discussions with Mortgage Manager on 3rd of August, 2018. I had been trying to reach the bank on many occasions thru the cell no. provided to me but I am sorry to say that the concern person is not answering to my calls. It is ridiculous that till date I have not received my Loan appln. reference no. nor any update from your bank. I was assured that within 3 to 4 working days your loan will be approved, but to my surprise the loan is still not processed. Can you please confirm what should I do next.

  5. Dear sir
    I have account on Axis bank on rajahmundry danavaipeta branch east godavari district. my account number is 913xxx348685. I had applied on account statement on that period is (01.04.2017 to 31.03.2018 and 01.04.2018 to 16.08.2018). and i am sending to this letter in my office incharge mr.sekhar.
    But the statement was not issued to axis bank operations head due to the reason of mr.sekhar was third person thats why he could not issue the account statement. I am already clearly mention to declaration to account statement in this person and he’s name is mr.sekhar. Axis bank operations head was care less to behave the customers we are not satisfied to axis bank service due to the reason of Axis bank operations head could not care to the customers. Would you please take action other wise we will go to account closing on your axis bank.
    problem facing date : 16.08.2018
    problem facing time : 03:04 pm to 03:25 Pm

    • Dear sir, I was use to our credit card for Rs 1850 at Export Hut in 14 June 2019. And amount has been deducted in at times.But your massages are receiving same location at today morning at 2.16 AM and 2.28AM. Same location same amount is deducted with three times. This is very poor service. Please resolved the issue and refund the amount which is anligle cutting. And we are watching this type of your service regular. Therefore you are requested please make provided to us good service in further.Regards Haider Ali

      • Kindly contact Axis Bank and Dispute the transactions as fraud. Do it immediately and get it resolved.


  6. Sunil Kumar Gupta

    Complain regarding the ATM Machine
    2-3 days before I will withdraw some amount from axis bank ATM machine situated in rau(indore).After that today at 12:pm I came to know that, from yesterday and today also at 9:00 am someone is continuously making fraud transactions from my account by using different different ATM machines .So I will request you to check your ATM machine immediately that everything is alright with the machine or not and also the cameras that they were working properly or not and who is doing faults in axis bank ATM machine(in ray)

  7. Sunil Kumar Gupta

    Complain regarding your ATM machine
    2-3 Days before I will withdraw some amount from axis bank ATM machine situated in the rau (Indore). After that from yesterday and today also at about 9am someone is continuously making fraud transactions from my account by using different different ATM machines.so I will request you to check the machine immediately which is situated in rau and also the cameras that they were working properly or not .

  8. Sunil Kumar Gupta

    Complain regarding the ATM Machine
    2-3 days before I will withdraw some amount from axis bank ATM machine situated in rau(indore).After that today at 12:pm I came to know that, from yesterday and today also at 9:00 am someone is continuously making fraud transactions from my account by using different different ATM machines .So I will request you to check your ATM machine immediately that everything is alright with the machine or not and also the cameras that they were working properly or not and who is doing faults in axis bank ATM machine(in rau)

  9. I will withdraw some amount from axis bank ATM machine situated in rau. After that from yesterday and today also at about 9:00 am someone is continuously making fraud transactions from my account by using different different ATM machines.so I will request you to check the machine immediately that everything is alright with the machine or not and also the cameras that they were working properly or not

    • Dear Vibhuti,

      Firstly get ur ATM card blocked with your bank immediately and report the bank authority about the ATM machine from which ATM Card Cloning has been done.


  10. I am holder of savings bank account number 91401xxx2466 New Delhi branch This is your kind information dated 9 August 2018 I have purchased some consumables items from Kendriya Bhandar RK Ashram Marg New Delhi an amount of rs 994 and payment through ATM cum debit cards the same amount debited thrice time in place of one time I therefore request you to kindly reverted rs 1992 in my account which is debited invendently I have been submitted an application in my branch dated 14/08/2018

    • Dear Sir,

      Please raise the ticket regarding your complaint by calling on bank’s toll free number


      • Sir 

            My name is Prashant am your customer my account is frees I don’t no why but its frees by last 1 month am contact with my home branch the told me last one month your account is start with in 2 day every day I am call the bank and visit  also twis a day home branch will not help me I told him to close my account I do want account your bank the did not respond the not active my account  I am help less. My money is in bank and without any transaction and using the cut my 50 RSVP why I need my account active other wise close it other wise I completely on police station you cheat on me and also I told the your executive my birth date is wrong the did not change you check it I send the all attachment 

           Help me plz I gonna mad 

              Use less bank and his employees also the did not help customers

        • Dear Sir,

          Please register complaint with bank customer care and get the complaint number. If within 30 days Axis Bank officials do not respond satisfactorily, Immediately contact RBI Banking Lokpal.


  11. I went to kolar branch, for personal loan , I had very worst experience from loan assistant. They don’t know minimum knowledge how speak with customer.

  12. Complaint regards to credit card.
    I have applied credit card before 21 days ago but i have not received till now. When asked for that no member of bank tell about that.
    Bank has poor service.


    Respected Sir, for your kind information I am writing you that I have allready settled my axis bank card dues rour(4) years ago. But I am really surprised when I just get a call from your end that I have a due in that credit card. So it is my honest request to you please look after this matter because after 4years you call me to repay the dues of my credit card. I think some where is problem. Thanking you in anticipation.

  14. Sir ji mera naam Mohneesh morya aap ke corporate office me shivani gupta hai jo un ka attitude me baat karti hai we havear sahi nahi hai na customer ko handle karne ki koi bhi response nahi deti hai ,plz sap meri complaints reciv kare

  15. Server not working

  16. Pradeep kumar joshi

    I am holder of savings bank account number 91201xxxx212669 in dausa rajasthan sir mere account se bar bar charges ke nam par balance cradit kiya ja rha h. Staff kuch jabab nhi deta. Na hi koi details batata h. Passbook entry level life machine kam nhi kari h. Please help you.

  17. Chandan Kumar. Bettiah

    Mera baar baar sir account se paisa Kat liya jata h kyu.
    Jb hm dubara account open kiya the to bank ke staff se bola Gaya tha.koi charge nhi liya jayega.hm bole maidam koi charge nhi na lagega.unhone bola nhi katega.fr v mere account se 7000 Kat liya gya kyu.wo v seving account se. Aaj fr koi charge bata ke liya Gaya kyu.wo v Raat me.koi v complend no nhi leg raha h.. Raat me kyu.plz mera paisa wapas kijiye hm ko call kijiye. Wait nhi to pmo ko letter likhnge.

  18. RISHIKA SHARMA from Chas Bokaro

    I hold a saving account with axis bank. i was in shocked to see Rs 472/- being deducted as in the name of consolidated charges & gst charges 18% on 16 feb 2019 (170.95+30.77) and 16 march 2019 (229.05+41.23) from my account without any information with in one month.Axis bank debiting my money again n again on the name of consolidated charges..i m very disappointed .

    I was raised request (request no:4xxx148)to customer care bank ensure me bank will refund my money but again axis bank deducted charges on 16th march 2019.Such thing is not happening in other Banks. from last couple of years it was going well with axis bank but why you have deducted money in the name of consolidated charge & others in Feb 2019.

    This is completely rough handling of things without any intimation.i would just like to say please return my money as soon as possible and stop this deduction i m waiting for your positive response.

    ac/ no: 9150xxx17129

  19. That’s axis bank is very bad bank this bank debit 4000+ consoling charges in 3month And the customer care no reply our call

  20. Hi All,

    I have face terrible experience with AXIS BANK. At the time they were selling this card to me they have advise 50 days of 50 days of carry on period. I have use this card on 13th & 15 th of March and the money I should pay in the mount of May and have put the charges on same billing cycle and wanted to make the payment before 08th Apr 2019.

    I do not understand what is the point of using the credit card . If I would be aware I rather use my debit card. I immediately block my card . I do not want to use their pathetic service anymore .

    Do not use AXIS BANK.

  21. I am ATM transaction at Bahanaga Bazaar on 18.03.2019 at 9.45 am in this time power off for ATM machine so my transaction not completed. After that 4000/- was deducted my saving account . please help me

  22. I would like to inform you that I am not satisfied with your services also Gandhi Nagar branch Delhi-110031 misguided to customers false commitment cheated by your bank staff too much fedup by your branch Gandhi Nagar Delhi-110031 plz take action immediately Life time free debit card at opened the account told by your branch employees but debited the amount rs-354/ on dt-22/03/19 why? Third class service plz take action immediately also confirm me immediately

  23. My saving account in axis bank vijay nagar indore.atm online froud 99999 by paytm noida custmer care person on 15/01/2019 but no reach amoint by bank.& not a satosfication ans pl.help me

  24. Axis bank vijay nagar indore unarthorised online froud transgestion.15/01/2019 inmy saving acc.i m doing immediate toll free no.& upi complain . & yber crime indore .But not a satisfication answers pl. help me

  25. atish ravindra baisane

    Powai Branch ,
    without any info.the branch was deducted rs.7331 from my axis account.
    this amount is my salary of 15 days ,
    so kindly request you to refund my amount in same account in your branch.

  26. hi axis bank… I m not satisfied with axis bank every month 400 debited from my account …since 6 months…may I know these reason …i need immediate information …..most worst bank….i don’t like it

  27. I have not get gift that says your executives. They say when you got three transaction with credit card then you got 1000 gift voucher… But not get… Why… Plz reply me…

  28. Humne kyc details submit kiya hai aur humko bank executive kaafe pareshan kar raha hai 1 month before all documents submit karne ke baad bhe pareshan kar raha hai charminar branch Hyderabad

  29. Very bad customer dealing

    DERA BABA Nanak(143604)

  30. I have forgot my mpin password.i tried using forgot pin but couldint make it its shows invalid .so how can i change my password

  31. Sudharson Khawas

    Dear Axis Bank Team,

    This is second time i am charged of Rs.885/- by axis bank which i am totally not aware.
    Kindly rectify asap. Non of other bank charge the amount like this without justification.

  32. Iam not satisfid ur bank 14/04/19 day 900 rs debited from my account since 7 months may i know these reason… I need immediate.. Information how to rturn money from account please help me

  33. Iam not satisfied ur bank 14/04/19 day 900 rupees debited from my account since 7 months….may i know these reason immediate information money return to my accont please

  34. dear sr,
    दिनांक 13/04/2019 को शाम 7:38को मेरे अकॉउंट नम्बर ×××××302776 से 4227 रूपये कटे और मेरा अकॉउंट का बैलेंस अभी माईनस में -3382 दिखा रहा है ।
    अतः axis बैंक के मेनेजर से मेरा रेकवेस्ट है की मेरा अकॉउंट से जो भी पैसे काटे गए है ओ मुझे वापस करे और जो भी मेरे अकॉउंट में माइनस बैलेंस दिखा रहा है ओ भी हटा दे ।।।
    मेरे एक्सिस बैंक का फ़ोन नोम्बर 7500777262 है ।।

  35. Hlw axis bank…i have recive 1k rupies true phonepe but not show in axis account now what do i my axis contect 92xx962

  36. Axis Bank Kharghar Sector : 4 is worst branch because staff sitting in front desk are very rude to cleint and most of time talking on mobile and wasting client time.
    We have reported this case to branch manager but his response is also very poor and nothing changed.

    We have business prime account since Sept. 2009 and thinking to close all current and saving account very soon.


  38. Dear sir,
    I deposited money at millar ganj axis bank branch
    On 16 april 2019.but still not appeared in my account.kindly help me by reverting what to do.
    Thank you
    Aakash kumar

    • Sir you must have deposition slip with you. Kindly produce it to the bank officials and ask them to do the needful.



    My Axis Bank SB account no is 02501xxx0328326 which had been transferred from Salt Lake Branch, Kolkata to Axis Bank, City Tower Branch, Burdwan, W,B in 2017. Now the expiry date of my debit card is 30th April. You have timely dispatched the same but unfortunately in my old abandoned address in Kolkata
    The New address is at Burdwan and all the transactions are made from the operating branch only. Despite several requests your local Burdwan authority did not changed and updated my present address.
    MY CUSTOMER ID is 025043919. Thus circumstanced, may I request you to resend the consignment no 35997063550 ( Bluedart courrier) to my present address ‘ALOBATAS, ANANDAPALLY, P.O. SRIPALLY, DIST : BURDWAN 713103, W.B Mobile (94xxx134119)

  40. Maine apne account de 18/4/2019 ko 8:21 ko 4500
    Rupees nikli thi par Vo machine se bahar ni aye
    Or mere account se amount cut gya h or mane around 10 bj
    Toll fee no par apne complain look kara de h par abe taka
    Koye replay ni aya or na he mere pase mere account m
    Vapesa aye h plz sir help me

  41. सर,
    मैं 3/4/19 को डीमैट खाता के लिए axisdirect में ऑनलाइन आवेदन किया था, सभी डॉक्यूमेंट और 499 रुपये ऑनलाइन जमा किया। इसके बाद मेरे ईमेल में कन्फर्मेशन मैसेज भी आया जिसमें पावर आफ अटॉर्नी फिजिकली हस्ताक्षर कर मैंने 5/4/19 को skyking courier service से दिये गए पते पर भेज दिया। पर आज दिनाँक तक मेरा डीमैट खाता नही खुल पाया है। मैंने 2 बार axisdirect के फोन पे बात किया पर कोई संतोषजनक जवाब नहीं मिला।
    कृप्या मेरा खाता खुलवाने या फिर मेरे 499 रु वापस दिलवाने का कष्ट करें।

    • Dear Sir,

      Please register a complaint with axis direct and ask for complaint number. use it for future reference.


  42. I paid bill of my icici credit card by axis Bank mobile banking app.
    Transaction complate success. But until now at icici it is showing pending .

    • Dear Sir,

      It may take around up to 2-3 days sometimes for reflection of successful transaction into account. Please wait until status is either success or failure.


  43. NFSD/CPCN37812/12:13:05/91151
    Above is my transaction details.Rs 10000 was deducted from my account but money didn’t come out from the axis Bank ATM.

    • Dear Sir,

      Kindly call your bank and register complaint. Also, note down the reference number of your complaint.


  44. I lost my debit card and i logged my complaint on 8 april then again i asked regarding the status on 13 april 2019 , on 23 april i again called to confirm regarding status of my debit card as per the axis bank due to technical glitch they could not issue me the debit card and again they reissued me a debit card which still i havent reciceved .axis bank takes 10 days to print a debit card .now as per them i have to visit the nearby branch to ask the status of my debit card.this is another way of axis bank of making money through its customers as most of the payment is done through credit card..whereas in hdfc if the card is lost the customer gets the debit card within 2 days

    • Dear Ma’am,

      Please lodge a written complaint and get the complaint number for future reference. You can also contact Banking Lokpal if in case your bank do not satisfactorily respond in 30 Days.


  45. Hello axis bank

    Tell me what the timing of bank…there are lots of branches to open 9 am to 11 PM approx..how can be handle it…how can be staff work at properly..that’s by staff is not seriously in work…he is not satisfied in branch timing…he is very frusted in work place..no rest..

  46. Does not hear custmer problem. When i was go bank to issue new atm card they does not take any step to solve my problem naer about one year they create big problem to me so now i closed my all family member axis bank acounts

    • Dear Sir,

      please register your problem in written with your bank and further to Banking Lokpal.


  47. I have my axis bank SB account for last 12 years. I have not used it as a Salary account for the past 8 years. But still Bank maintains it as a salary account and moreover as Priority Account. They have debited Rs. 885 for Priority card holders without any information. i have contacted so many times the respective branch and they also verified and confirmed that, i have not used any priority card. Rather i never used card for the past 5 years and more. But Bank staff are saying that now bank has revised charges. But for not used any facilities, and not requested for any facilities of priority and not applicable also ( it is by bank mistake still they are not converting it from salary account) how can you debit money from account ? .

    • Dear Sir,

      If possible kindly visit your branch and meet higher officials and ask for a potential problem of your problem.


  48. sir mere caredit card se pese kat rahe h jan skta hu q

  49. Ramnath Pokharel

    I have deposited Cheque No 000067 Kotak Bank amounting of rs 10000 into my account at
    Goregaon MG Road Branch 064010100038492 on 6th may 2019 till today it has not been cleared I came to know that is cleared and creadited on wrong account I apporoched at this branch on 8th may and thay told me your prblm will be solved by evening but that is not been solved till morning on 9th may
    now how can it be solved please help me ..

    • Kindly register complaint in written and get the complaint number for accountability. Now the bank is bound to solve your problem with in 30 days OR you can then approach Banking Lokpal.


  50. my credit card to paytm wallet to 1000/- to miss used transfer on 9.5.19 I am not got any sms, and OTP on this , please investigate and confirm immediately

    • Dear Sir,

      It seems to be case of Online Banking Fraud, immediately contact your bank raise dispute against the transaction.


  51. I’m using axis credit card. They are giving as toll free number but it is chargeable and making us to wait for long time. Even after that for first time they disconnecting and making us to call again. I’m using idea network, almost I have been spent 40rupees to register a complaint.

    • You can Axis Bank Toll Free Number 1-860-419-5555/ 1-860-500-5555. You can also escalate your complaint to Nodal Officer.


  52. This is second time i am charged of Rs.885/- by axis bank which i am totally not aware.
    Kindly rectify asap. Non of other bank charge the amount like this without justification.

    Corporate Centre , Gr Floor , Cts No. 271, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East ,, Mumbai – Maharashtra; Branch code is 000328, Contact Number: TEL: 022-2822 xxx / 56, 6xxxx 3134, 6xxx1 1462

    I mention above address is home and this branch is not assist me no kindly proved solutinon

    • Dear Sir,

      You can lodge written complaint with your bank and if even 30 days bank do not respond satisfactorily you can approach RBI Banking Lokpal Against the Bank.


  53. Jst a usless bank i would say from years i was in business with axis and now they are jst giving the dates i have faced to many issues from axis in last one year and i was controling coz some day it will be better and now i have withdraw all of it from axis nd thats feels relif … P.s put your self in some otherwise after some time axis will be no wher to be seen

  54. Hiii
    I opened my NRE account 2 months b4. But still I didn’t recieved my account documents. I contact my bank branch chiplon but they didn’t response proeprrly. I m in now Poland country so i cannot contact if there is any coustomer care no to register complaint. I send email also but email is not correct which is on ur web side so plz give me some advice to solve this problam.

  55. How to get a acknowlegement for my written complaint? What if they get my complaint letter and throw it in dustbin. Can i register complaint online and get a complaint number? So that i can esclate the issue.

    • Dear Sir,

      Absolutely, if ever you need to escalate the issue, you need a written complaint number. Better to register complaint online with Axis bank. For quick response you can also contact at Twitter handle (@axisbank).


  56. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please explain how to contact customer care to get a new debit card through phone banking. I tried a lot but couldn’t contact. Those numbers tells me the options to contact but never redirect to a person. Also I tried via chat and mail but no use.

    • Dear Ma’am,

      Please note that provided are the official Axis bank Numbers, you must contact them again in order to solve your query. Also apart from that you can communicate using Twitter Handle at https://twitter.com/axisbank (@axisbank). You may get a quick reply.


  57. I had applied for credit card cancellation last year and the credit card is still not cancelled plus the bank wants me to pay charges as well whenever the card was nt cancelled from their end. If you go to branch the ppl there have no idea. The customer care just keep the call on hold. Horrible service!!!!

    • Dear Sir,

      Kindly lodge your complaint in written and get the complaint number. If bank do not respond satisfactorily in 30 days, you can approach Banking lokpal.


  58. Sbse fuddu bank h axis bank….kyunki maine 1 week phle apna new account open kiya tha or abhi tk mera debit card hi online transaction use ke kiye ready nhi kiya h….mai to is bank ko 10 me se 0 no dunga

  59. Hi team,
    Can u please tell me why yor are deducted my ac balance without any information this message received by your bank if this kind of charges is deducted in my ac i will not continue the same please rectify and I want this amount return back in my account otherwise i will complain to nodal office for the same lot of time u deduct this dp charge why????

    Consolidate amount which is 885

    • Dear Sir,

      You must inquire from your branch and Axis Bank Customer Care regarding Consolidated Charges deducted from your account before approaching the Nodal Officer.


  60. Dear sir iam staff at manappuram finance ltd ihave cash withdrawn the cash in indhiranagar branch at morning 11.00 clock but not response to any one for me. Cash give to in 4:10 what is irresponsible work iam not satisfied for the service for your bank
    Indhiranagar staff mrs shravya medam not response to us. So sad of the day

  61. I compaints for the dealy for cash withdraw already manappuram head office saction @11:00 oftre we came to your bangalore indhiranagar branch your staff dealy for the payment.

  62. Sir
    Mera balance cut gya mere account se
    Registered Mob. 81938xx7

  63. Chamkaur Singh

    Sar aapka staff logo ko LIC k bare mein jhoot bol kar Garib logo ko Khoob loot rahe hain plan Koi Koi Aur Hota Hai aur Bata koi Koi Aur Diya jata hai baad mein mukar Jaate Hain aur bolte hain Hum ismein kus Nahin kar Shakti axis branch Dhuri Punjab please complaint Darj kijiye

    • Sir,

      you can register complaint with staff name and other details to the Bank first. bank higher officials will surely take against the guilty found.


  64. Hello Sir/Madam,
    Today i have done ATM transaction for 6K on Axis bank ATM, before money dispatch transaction stop during withdraw but amount has debited from HDFC account (Using HDFC debit card on Axis ATM), expecting favorable response.
    Transaction done on ATM: BESIDE SUSGRAMPANCHAYAT, Sus gaon near HP Petrol pump, Pune
    Transaction Details: Trying to withdraw 6K at 4:28.

  65. ATM Card not working

  66. Saddam Hossain Baig

    I’m from west bengal howrah Amta. Holding 1 current account and 8 savings account at amta branch. The worst thing is that the manager AJAY BHEDA is not present at office the behaviour of manager is worst. Even they don’t have proper NEFT form at branch. I’m very disappointed with the branch and the behaviour of the manager. That’s why I’m shifting my all account from AXIS BANK.

    • Please raise complaint against the staff misbehavior to Axis Bank Circle Nodal Officer of West Bengal to

      Dibyendu Banerjee,
      Vice President
      Axis Bank Ltd, West Bengal & Sikkim Circle
      7th Floor, Nagaland House, 11, Shakespeare
      Kolkata -700071
      Email ID:
      [email protected]

  67. Santosh Kumar Tiwari

    credit card payment not done but amount deduct from the credit card, so please do the need full

  68. Dear sir
    I am block my credit card. i am paying bill amount so many times but not payment amount… refunded everytime.. It’s not my problem so why extra charges in my credit card payments… It’s very worest service… Call centers also very very worest… I am paying amount by sms 5000 it’s not update in my credit card… I don’t want this card and i can’t paying extra amount

  69. I have been settled an amount RS-5000/..at Axis bank branch Calicut kerala Oh26.07.2013-I didn’t get settlement letter and NoLiability certificate till date. After six years myCIBIL score Shows negetive.my Credit Card No: 4718×564564-No Longer. I can’t Contact noboby relating this problom No respond from branches and Toll freeNos. What I want to do next?

    • Immediately contact Kerala Circle Nodal Officer:

      Sudheesh Menon,
      Vice President
      Axis Bank Ltd. Circle Office, 5th Floor, Chicago
      Rajajai Road, Kochi -682 035, Kerala.
      Email ID:
      [email protected]

  70. Dear team member

    mere account SE Maine 06/07/2019 KO mayur bihar Rupay Nikale the but ATM SE NAHI NIKLE AUR account se dedication bhe HO gya Please ise solve kiziye

  71. Dear team member

    mere account SE Maine 06/07/2019 KO mayur bihar face 3 se 1000 Rupay Nikale the but ATM SE NAHI NIKLE AUR account se dedication bhe HO gya Please ise solve kiziye

  72. Dear sir, Mene apna new saving account open kya h sir mai us account ka phone banking or internet bamking use nhi kr pa rha hu bar bar invalid phone no. bol rha h sir es sai pehele mera zero balance wala accont tha us pai phone banking or net banking chal rhi hai lakin saving account pai nhi chal rhi or sir mera dono account p jo no. h same hai zero balance wala account toh sahi chal rha hai pr saving account nhi chal rha sir plz slove this problem. my no. 9837xx123

    • Firstly contact your branch and ask them for the solution. In case they fail to provide any solution kindly contact Axis Bank Nodal Officer.


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