Allahabad Bank has recently launched its UPI application to help their customers in making the payments easier. So in case if you are stuck in any problem or your money has been stuck in between the online transaction, then you can use the complaint box of Allahabad Bank to resolve your issues.



There are two types by which you can file a complaint, one is online complaint and another is that you can directly walk into your branch and resolve your issue by bringing it into the notice of Branch Manager for redressal. Now, even if you are not satisfied with the feedback of the branch manager you can take your issue to the zonal manager.

Types of problems faced:-
1. Amount deducted but not credited
2. ATM-related issues
3. UPI app issues
4. Continuous Payment failure


First, you have to fill the online complaint form in which you have to provide your type of issue, account number, mobile number, address etc and after lodging the complaint successfully a unique id will be given to you through which you can check the status of your complaint. You can also download the complaint forms for general complaints and ATM related complaints.
How to contact:-
Allahabad Bank,
Head Office, 2, Netaji Subhash Road,
Telephone:- 033 2242-0901, 033 2231-8824
Fax:- (033)-033-2231-8824
           After the successful completion of lodging, the complaint, then Bank will look into your issue and try to you give their valuable feedback as earliest possible. Maximum time the Bank will take for the response on the issue will be 1 month. Even if the customer doesn’t feel satisfied he/she can lodge their complaint to the Banking Ombudsman.


 Banking Ombudsman is a free body set up by the government and will look into the matter independently without any interference to give the right feedback. You can write to  Banking Ombudsman at:-
Directorate of public grievances, the government of India, Cabinet Secretariat, Sansad Marg, New Delhi.

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