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Aadhar Pay Merchant App Details

Finally the much awaited launch of Biometric Fingerprint based Aadhar Pay Digital payment app is here and it will be launched for common users by PM Modi today on 14 April 2017, Friday and will be available for download for both Android and iOS/ iTunes Users from the below given link also the complaint customer care toll free number of aadhar pay is given below in case if any of the user want to lodge aadhar pay online complaint regarding money not credited, money not refunded etc. India is surely seeing a transition in which digitally economy is not only a concept but has been turned into reality and after the launch the UPI and BHIM Digital Payment app of Govt. of India, Now comes the Aadhar Pay App which is a payment app for even those who don’t know how to write and read. Here we will give you the full details of aadhar pay, how to use the app and download link of aadhar pay android/ iTunes. Also below we have given the main feature details of aadhar pay app.

Aadhar Pay App Launch details and Features
Aadhar Pay App Launch details and Features

Download Aadhar Pay App Android/ iTunes

Aadhar pay app is based on fingerprint bio-metric and the authentication of the user will be done by using its fingerprint signature registered at the time of aadhar card enrollment. Aadhar Pay app will be available for public use after the launch ceremony today by PM Modi at Nagpur. You can download aadhar pay android version if you are an android user by clicking on the button given below which will redirect you to google play store and if in case you are an iPhone user and want to download aadhar pay iTunes, you can go to the below given link of iTunes for the aadhar pay app download iOS version. Please see the links below :

Download Aadhar Pay Merchant App Android Version

Please note that aadhar pay app will be used by merchant only and the payee will have to just link his/ her bank account with aadhar number and using his fingerprint the user can pay to the merchant and the amount will be deducted from the users account. The iPhone users can download aadhar pay iTunes version from below given button as under :

Download aadhar pay iPhone version iTunes App store

Aadhar Pay App Guide Usage Details

Since the aadhar pay is new to the users, here is the complete guide regarding the usage of aadhar pay merchant app how to use aadhar pay what will be the process to use aadhar pay merchant app. Here is the complete list of aadhar pay app ;

Aadhar Pay ?

Aadhar Pay is a merchant payment app based on Aadhar Enabled Payment System/ AEPS primarily beneficial for all those either who don’t know how to read and write or those who don’t carry credit or debit card, mobile phone.

Who will Install Aadhar Pay

Aadhar Pay App is need to be installed by merchants only i.e. only the shopkeepers, showrooms need to install aadhar pay app and the users who wants to pay using aadhar pay only need to link their aadhar number with their bank accounts. Shopkeepers/ Merchant can download aadhar pay to take payments from customers from their aadhar linked bank accounts using their biometric scan.

How To Activate Aadhar Pay

To activate aadhar pay Download the aadhar pay merchant app from the above given links and merchant can log in into the app using their aadhar number finger print scanning. Once the validation process is completed, then the shopkeeper can use aadhar pay app to take payment

Multiple Account linked to Same Aadhar Number ?

One may ask a genuine question that what if i have multiple accounts linked with same aadhar number so in case of aadhar pay payment the payee amount will be deducted from which account ? what will be the process ? Well the Answer to this question is if the customer has two accounts or any number of accounts linked with same aadhar card number then when you scan you finger print, the merchant aadhar pay app may ask to which account you want to use for debiting the money, after the selection the amount will be deducted from the selected account.

Aadhar pay App Online Complaint Toll Free No./ email id

You can lodge aadhar pay app online complaint using the below given toll free number and complaint email id. When the merchant and users will start using the aadhar pay app for making payments, there may be chances that one may encounter some problems  like money deducted but not credited, payment not done, paise cut gaye, payment failed etc. in that case you need to report the issue immediately to your bank in case of failed transaction and ask them to process the refund ASAP. yet here are the complaint toll free number and email id of Aadhar Pay app merchant version of NPCI :

Registered Office

National Payments Corporation of India
1001A, B wing, 10th Floor,
The Capital, Bandra-Kurla Complex,
Bandra (East), Mumbai – 400 051
Phone – 022 – 4000 9100

Goregaon Office (Mumbai)

National Payments Corporation of India
Unit nos. 201, 301 & 302,
2nd & 3rd Floor,
Raheja Titanium, Western Express Highway,
Goregaon east, Mumbai – 400063
Phone- 022 40508500

Chennai Office

National Payments Corporation of India
8th Level, VBC Solitaire
47 & 49 Bazullah Road, T. Nagar,
Chennai – 600 017
Phone-044 -28160700
Fax044 -28152815

Delhi Office

National Payments Corporation of India
2nd Floor, Gulab Bhawan
6 Bhadurshah Zafar Marg, ITO
New Delhi – 110 002

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  1. Chandra shekhar behera

    Wrongly I sent 4800 to others name or transaction I’d.even I don’t know whose account is this, how can I get(refound) my money? Plz answer..

    • Chandra shekhar behera

      Wrongly I sent 4800 to others name or transaction I’d.even I don’t know whose account is this, how can I get(refound) my money? Plz answer..

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